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DACHSER Korea gains AEO certification

As an officially certified Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), DACHSER Korea will be able to fully capitalize on its exceptional level of digital process management and documentation to provide customers with maximum efficiency in customs clearance.
From left: Mr. Roman Mueller, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Korea, Mr. Yi-Keun Yoon, Director General at Korea Customs Service and Ms. Jacqueline Lee, Department Head Operations Air & Sea Logistics Korea, during the official AEO certification cere

Being an AEO confirms that DACHSER Korea is a trustworthy business partner to handle customs clearance in international trade. Customers enjoy enhanced export competitiveness thanks to swift customs clearance with fewer security and safety related controls as well as priority treatment at customs clearance.

“Obtaining the AEO certification is a major achievement for DACHSER in Korea and marks another significant step towards reaching optimal efficiency and quality in our operative business”, said Roman Mueller, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Korea.

The certification also recognizes DACHSER’s excellence in digital process management and documentation. Transport processes are fully transparent through the company’s comprehensive air and sea transport management system, Othello. An SOP database provides full overview of process descriptions which are supported by internal control systems, while material on foreign trade compliance is also well documented and readily available.

“AEO certified companies have gone through an extensive auditing process by customs authorities therefore are considered fully compliant with local rules and regulations,” Mueller explained. “One of the benefits of this is having simplified trade and customs processes at import and export.”

Furthermore, Korean customs has selected DACHSER for a joint audit with the United States Customs authorities. Under the Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) between US and Korea, DACHSER’s AEO certification is now also recognized by the US, which means that DACHSER Korea is capable of serving transpacific business even more efficiently.

AEO Background

The AEO concept was introduced by the World Customs Organization with the goal to enhance international supply chain security and to facilitate the legitimate trade. Open to all, traders voluntarily meet a wide range of criteria working closely with customs authorities to ensure the common objective of supply chain security and for traders to enjoy benefits.

It covers economic operators authorized for customs simplification, security and safety or a combination of the two. AEO companies are therefore companies that customs authorities trust and are recognized by the international society. They are more suited to tackle trade barriers and enhance export.

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