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DACHSER rolls out management trainee program in Asia Pacific

Graduates looking for an opportunity to build a long term career in an international setting need to look no further as logistics giant DACHSER Asia Pacific has opened its doors by rolling out a management trainee program.
The Management Trainees Wilson Chow, Terry Yang and Remi Murciano (second to fourth person from the left), together with their colleagues Timo Herbst (on the left) and Jens Ehne (on the right).

“We are developing future APAC management in DACHSER,” said Edoardo Podestá, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific, of why the program was put in place. “We strive to offer high-quality training to create the optimal environment for our young talents. This will help them to have well planned and defined career paths in the future,” he added.

The program is a fantastic opportunity for fresh graduates that are looking for work experience with a sizeable international logistics firm, or for someone who is serious about building their career in the industry.

The highly coveted program only sees one intake per year and only a maximum of three management trainees are selected to come on board. Those with the right background, attitude and quality will be chosen to take part in the two-year program, which is followed by a two-year job placement.

The right candidate must be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree and show a keen interest in the shipping and logistics industry, but most importantly, show that they have the quality of being a future leader.

“This is an opportunity to have a fast-track career in DACHSER and the logistics industry,” June Chung, Head of HR Asia Pacific, explained. “They will gain well-rounded experience, knowledge and network in all the core functions of a logistics company.”

Indeed, this is a major draw of the program.

The trainees appreciate the program which helps them to build up their knowledge base in logistics, so that they have a strong foundation to build their career on.

But aside from learning the basics for the industry, trainees are exposed to various parts of the business, and are able to work in a truly international setting.

During the two years, trainees are rotated within different departments across Asia Pacific. They will spend three months in each departments, and then after the two year job rotation, trainees are placed in a department based on their strengths, weaknesses, job openings and individual preferences. During the job rotation, trainees will get to review current processes and provide their own feedback as well as take up special projects and attend external meetings. All in all, trainees spend around six to nine months abroad with some training also at the DACHSER Academy at the head office in Germany.

For this reason alone, the program is popular amongst hungry graduates looking for an international setting upon which to build their career.

“I love rotating through the different departments in different countries,” one trainee describes his experience. “At the end of the day, I don’t want to be an expert in just one department, but an expert for the whole business.”

This touches on a key point here as to why DACHSER Asia Pacific rolled out the program in the first place. Aside from providing an opportunity for fresh graduates, the company sees this as a vital way to build a pipeline of future leaders which are sorely needed in the region.

“We offer this high-quality training, which allows us to stimulate talent, pass on knowledge, and foster skills and expertise,” said Chung. “This lets us fill high-level positions from our own ranks down the road.”

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