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Interview with Management Trainee Terry Yang

Terry Yang joined DACHSER Asia Pacific in June 2017. He regards the trainee program as an opportunity to make suggestions for improvements and help to implement them.
Terry Yang (second from left) from Korea.

1. Why did you decide to attend the program?

I am Korean but I spent most of my time studying in Canada. During my studies, I was working in the logistics department of a Korean Government association located in Canada which facilitates trade and commerce between the two countries. That was the first time that I felt logistics was very interesting, and I wanted to devote my career to this field. I joined the DACHSER MT program to broaden my experience and to explore more aspects of logistics.

2. Since when have you been working with Dachser, and which departments did you already go through?

I started my first rotation in June 2017, joining the air export team in the Seoul branch and then rotated to the sea export team for another three months.

I enjoy rotating through every department. At the end of the day, I don’t want to be an expert in just one department, but rather I would like to be an expert for the whole business.

3. What’s your impression of the program?

I feel very satisfied. Being an MT, I am able to speak and work with the management directly, I can raise issues and make suggestions to the managing director. I feel like I am doing something for the company.

4. Which area is the most interesting to you?

Overall I love the whole MT program because it gives me an opportunity to learn the basics of the industry. My opinion before I started is that logistics looks like a simple job – shipping goods from here to there. However, in the background there are a lot of procedures. The system is actually very complex.

But aside from that, I think it is all about opportunities: there are opportunities everywhere. I will not just sit there and treat it as a day-to-day job, instead I will make a step forward, find ways to suggest for improvements and make things happen.

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