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Handling of containers on Hanjin vessels

As of today, 13 September, certain Hanjin vessels already arrived at their port of destination or a transshipment port whereas others are still on sea, waiting for berthing.
Handling of containers on Hanjin vessels.

DACHSER will arrange the delivery to the final destination for those shipments which already arrived at their port of destination. As already informed on September 2, the containers are being delivered against immediate payment of terminal costs and against placing a (container return) deposit.

Since Hanjin has suspended all services, shipments which were unloaded at a port of transshipment will be handled by another shipping line. As a consequence, the cargo is reloaded to containers of the new carrier which will then transport the containers to their final destination. Empty Hanjin containers, which are now insolvent assets, are usually transferred from the unloading port to the port of origin against a container return deposit.

To know more about the transloading procedures or to check on the status of your affected containers, please get in touch with your local DACHSER contact.

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