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Minimize disruptions during Chinese New Year holidays

In 2019, the new year as per Chinese calendar will start on February 5; the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday season will begin on February 4. Workplaces in China, including offices and production sites, will be closed during the official public holidays from February 4 to 10.
Chinese New Year (CNY) will start on February 5, 2019.

Traditionally, most businesses will cease operations approx. one week before the holidays. They resume work between one week up to one month after the festival. Freight volumes tend to accumulate before the holidays as factories speed up their production. Logistics may only get back to normal several weeks after the celebrations.

For businesses depending on Chinese sourcing, it is recommended to build up an adequate inventory considering a period of up to four weeks after CNY. Please do also expect delays in production time and quotation requests during CNY.

Impact on sea freight

Pre-holiday cargo rush has started on the Far East-related routes. Space is now very tight on both, Far East-Europe and Transpacific routes.

Carriers announced voyage cancellations during the CNY period from week 6 to week 8 which will affect vessel arrivals and departures at Far East ports. Please get in touch with your local DACHSER representative if you need more details for the blank sailing schedule.

During the CNY official public holiday period, DACHSER branches in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea will be closed. Operations in sea freight departments will resume after the public holidays.

Impact on air freight

During the public holidays, air freight operations across DACHSER branches in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be closed. Limited staff will be on duty to handle pre-booked shipments. DACHSER Korea will limit operations at its air import department.

We furthermore recommend to reconfirm the cut-off time for outbound shipments. Traffic to the airport is expected to be very heavy before the long holiday, hence cut-off time might be earlier than usual. Please speak to your local DACHSER representatives for knowing the exact time.

For urgent shipments, it is advised to book space on passenger flights to keep your supply chain running.

CNY public holidays in Asia Pacific countries

  • China: February 4-10
  • Hong Kong: February 5-7
  • Indonesia: February 5
  • Korea: February 2-6
  • Malaysia: February 5-6
  • Singapore: February 5-6
  • Taiwan: February 4-8
  • Vietnam: February 2-10

If you have further questions, you are welcome to discuss with your DACHSER representatives.

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