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Namaste - five youngsters from India visit Germany

As part of the youth exchange project with terre des hommes (tdh), five young people from the DACHSER project areas in India arrived in Germany one week ago. The visitors Goldy, Jyoti, Omika, Sakshi and Atul spent a few days at the tdh heaquarters in Osnabrück together with their chaperones Reeta and Surabhi from terre des hommes India. At the nearby Bad Salzuflen branch, they had the chance to get to know the best side of DACHSER. They're now on their way to Kempten, the home of DACHSER's Head Office, to enjoy a week full of activities.
Visiting the DACHSER branch in Bad Salzuflen

It’s not every day that visitors to a DACHSER branch are welcomed by the sight of the Indian flag waving in the breeze. This special gesture was the idea of branch head Andreas Fritsch and the organizational team around Henrike Pivit and Katharina Kraus. Together with four trainees, a student and several other employees, they had organized an entire day at the branch for the young visitors from India.

DACHSER branch in Bad Salzufen

After everyone got to know each another for the first time, logistics games in the warehouse broke the ice. The young visitors were able to get their first insights into logistics at box stacking and pallet truck slalom sessions. Then things moved on to an interesting presentation about DACHSER in Bad Salzufen and India that had been especially customized for the visit.

Youth exchange project with terre des hommes

After these first eventful impressions, everyone was ready for some refreshment. Over lunch in the public cafeteria, the five youngsters from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh were able to have their first experiences with German (food) culture and eating customs. But culture shock was kept to a minimum thanks to a small but excellent Indo-German buffet, which was very much enjoyed by all.

A tour through the transshipment hall and the large open floor plan office helped fight after-lunch fatigue.

Heating up the meeting room with Bollywood dance

Then it was time for Goldy, Jyoti, Omika, Sakshi and Atul to shine. After a Bollywood dance, which created a fantastic atmosphere in the conference room, the young visitors told about their families, their living situations, and their project. Everyone present was very moved and to some extent also shocked by their life stories and experiences. A lively discussion followed.

At the end of the day, both guests and hosts were able to take a lot of inspiration and food for thought home with them. And one thing is for sure: DACHSER hospitality, as practiced in Bad Salzuflen, can certainly hold its own versus India’s famous hospitality.

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