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Showcasing digitized warehouse processes in Hong Kong

DACHSER Hong Kong’s customers recently explored how air and sea freight, trucking and warehousing come together as an interlocked supply chain solution, supported by digitized logistics processes. 
Mr. Nils Holder, Managing Director, Air & Sea Logistics Hong Kong, presenting how DACHSER is interlocking air, sea and road logistics together with warehousing.

The Hong Kong team spent an afternoon with a small group to visit the DACHSER warehouse in Tsing Yi and the Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl). All participants were impressed by this informative event which allowed them to make good use of their time by visiting two places within one afternoon.

Mr. Alex Wong, Warehouse Manager, Air & Sea Logistics Hong Kong, is explaining the inbound shipment handling procedure while a team mate is showing the use of bar codes.

First stop: DACHSER warehouse

The group met at the newly furnished, modern warehouse lobby which is equipped with security gates to prohibit unauthorized access. Accompanied by their individual DACHSER contact, the visitors arrived at the warehouse where they were welcomed by Mr. Nils Holder, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Hong Kong and Mr. Alex Wong, Warehouse Manager Air & Sea Logistics Hong Kong.

Mr. Wong and his team demonstrated inbound and outbound processes, supported by the company’s in-house developed warehouse management system Mikado. DACHSER’s state-of-the-art technology, cleanliness and favorable working conditions impressed all visitors.

“The warehouse tour is demonstrating our operational excellence and high degree of digitalization in our warehouses by gaining a personal impression,” Wong explains. “At the same time, we can discuss individual requirements on-site.”

Within visitors’ reach: customers and DACHSER employees enjoy being close to airplanes and ground handling equipment.

Second stop: Hactl air cargo terminal

A shuttle bus brought the group to the airport cargo terminal which is only 27 km away from the DACHSER warehouse. The highway connects the two places and limits the transit time on the road to an average of 30 minutes.

The participants were excited and curious to see the cargo handling facilities and the aircraft loading area from a backstage view, especially as the cargo terminal Hactl is usually restricted from public access.

Two experienced staff from Hactl guided the group through the terminal. All visitors took the chance to ask questions about air freight ground handling procedures, especially the transit time of arrival cargo to be delivered to their warehouses.

“When our warehouse team and the Hactl team showed the use of technology and IT in every day work, customers could observe digitalization in logistics,” Holder summarizes. “All participants really enjoyed to experience fully integrated supply chain solutions on-site.”

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