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Spain’s cycling event La Vuelta, sponsored by DACHSER, on China’s radar

DACHSER is the main sponsor and official logistics partner of Spain’s cycling event La Vuelta which attracted the attention of China’s cycling media “imbiker”.
Spain’s cycling event La Vuelta, sponsored by DACHSER, on China’s radar

Since August, nearly 200 riders are competing to win Spain’s cycling event La Vuelta 2017 in a total of 21 stages and over the course of more than 3,324.1 kilometers. DACHSER Spain reiterates as the sponsor of the Team Classification Award, thus reinforcing the values of common effort, companionship and rigor, shared with the spirit of this sporting competition.


DACHSER is one of the main sponsors for La Vuelta 2017

DACHSER set up an exceptional logistics display for one of the biggest sporting spectacles of Spain’s summer using 29 vehicles provided to the organization. Some are customized, acting as media zone, medical center, signature control, podium and VIP spaces. Other conventional trailers will be used for the transport of promotional material, fences and for equipment assembling and dismantling, along with two refrigerated trucks and a container-kitchen, conform DACHSER’s logistics cortege for La Vuelta.

DACHSER presence at La Vuelta

DACHSER Spain is in charge of managing all logistics during La Vuelta. 30 logistics professionals and 29 DACHSER tractors with Euro 6 engines to optimize fuel consumption keep the event running.

Having sponsored La Vuelta for nine years, DACHSER Spain remains committed to its annual date with elite sports after its complete rebranding last May.

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