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The DACHSER transit terminals are a key success factor for the quality of logistics services.
Precisely planned procedures, set departure times and excellently trained personnel in the DACHSER transshipment warehouse.

Things are always on the move in the transit terminal of the global DACHSER network - 24 hours according to plan. Highly professional, exactly timed and proven processes assure a smooth flow of goods. The transit terminals, as key elements in the global service chain, play a significant part in the quality of logistics services.

In these terminals, the goods are loaded onto a local transport truck after receipt and sent on their way. Simultaneously, goods from other branches arrive that need to be unloaded and received, so they can be distributed onto local transport trucks and delivered.

Hence, the DACHSER transit terminals determine the rhythm in the vibrant logistics cycle. The standardized and professional handling of orders facilitates uniform quality of the transport service: After electronic capture, the shipment arrives at the holding area for the respective delivery destination. The trucks leave the ramps every day at specific departure times. After the shipments arrive at the transit terminal of the respective destination, they are distributed to regional transport trucks and delivered to the recipient.

Thanks to perfectly coordinated work steps, set departure times and excellently trained personnel, the DACHSER transit terminals guarantee reliable handling, and most of all, the highest level of planning reliability for you.

You always stay informed on the movement of the shipment due to scanning at the transit points as well as the standardized procedures of the physical transport. If deviations from the planned shipment schedule occur, DACHSER service employees receive immediate notification via ActiveReport. The supply chain event management tool, which is closely linked with DOMINO, monitors the planned transport schedule on its own and automatically notifies the involved parties in case of process deviations, such as refusal to accept, shortages or exceeded transit times. Our employees can counteract immediately and deliver the goods within a defined radius within 24 hours.

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