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Delays in processing at terminals

The “Petya” cyber attack on the Maersk shipping line has led to serious problems in daily operations.
Delays in processing at terminals

As has already been reported in the media, both the Maersk Line shipping company and APM Terminals, which belongs to Maersk, have been victims of the Petya worldwide cyber attack. This has led to serious problems, both in the operative processing of bookings as well as in the physical movement of cargo at the affected terminals. Shipping lines that cooperate with Maersk have also been affected.

Despite the fact that progress has already been made in resolving the problem, we continue to expect considerable disruptions in the handling of bookings and acceptance of containers at the corresponding terminals. It is not foreseeable when the situation will return to normal. Please be assured that DACHSER is working closely with the affected shipping lines to expedite solutions.

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