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Engelbert Liegl

Engelbert Liegl is the managing director and 50 percent shareholder of the Hungarian company Liegl & DACHSER.
Engelbert Liegl
Engelbert Liegl

The director of the joint venture was born in 1966 in Austria and got into the business of transportation right in the beginning. After his father and grand father, he is the third generation in the family who joined the transportation business. The history of the family owned business goes back into 1937, when the grandfather of Engelbert Liegl got his first consignment. In the beginning the goods were only chunks of wood. In two years the service portfolio widened, and this was when the business really started to grow. In 1966 the company was inherited by the father of jr. Engelbert Liegl. He stepped in the field of long distance transportation, at the time only inland, in Austria. The company evolved further and in 1977 jr. Engelbert Liegl and his brother Christian Liegl joined in the company. From here on there was no stopping in the development.

In 1990 Engelbert Liegl and Zsolt Bognár, the current deputy manager of the head office established the hungarian subsidiary, Liegl Transport. Four years later, the german forwarding company DACHSER GmbH. (which had 60 years of experience in the time being) saw great potential in the rapidly growing company. The cooperation between the two companies began and in 1999 this cooperation lead to the establishment of the joint venture, Liegl & DACHSER with the management of Mr. Liegl.

Engelbert Liegl, who studied economics achieved great success not only in the logistics sector, but also in other areas of business. He currently lives in Slovakia with his family and is the managing director of the slovakian and romanian country organization.

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