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In our separate business division DACHSER Food Logistics, we focus on temperature-controlled transports of non-frozen food items.
We focus on temperature-controlled transports of non-frozen food items.

With DACHSER Food Logistics, you turn all of Europe into a point of sale. Thanks to our daily connections with defined transit times, you can plan your transports safely and on time. For custom-made food logistics. Our customers come from the food industry, the food retail sector, as well as gastronomy in Germany and Europe.

Correspondingly, we cover all logistics disciplines, from retail logistics to procurement and distribution logistics, to contract logistics with integrated multi-user warehouses in many locations where we move a large spectrum of temperature-sensitive items, including meats and sausage products, dairy products, candy, wines and liquor, convenience products, coffee, processed fish and preserved food of all kinds. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics also offers you access to our global network.

Everything for your flow of goods

Aside from our own branches, we offer our customers a network of reliable partner companies; that's why we can react quickly and flexible in every country. The DACHSER locations are in constant contact with the branches of our partner companies via the EDI center. Above all, our fully synchronized, IT-assisted order processing ensures efficient and cost-effective management of the movement of goods. Our "ActiveReport" automatic monitoring system allows you to stay informed at all times during the entire transport process.

Benefit from synergies, increase your efficiency

Thanks to the reliable consolidation concepts, we deliver goods from different manufacturers to the same recipient. In doing so, we remove the "ramp bottleneck," shorten the service chain, relieve traffic and thereby reduce the expenditure of time and money. We predominantly use two alternatives for the consolidation of goods: "buyers consolidation" and "sellers consolidation." That means: To a large extent, we consolidate goods from different manufacturers of the region already on the seller's end and create loads that are delivered directly to the merchant's warehouses. In addition, we make an impact on consolidation and expenses - particularly in the so-called "last mile" - with our cross-docking procedure.

We pay strict attention to your calories

Food items are a sensitive commodity. The DACHSER quality management establishes clearly defined standards and consistently monitors compliance. Your standards for strict adherence to transit times and hygiene, as well as the legal requirements of the relevant national and European regulations are our focus. Our regularly and comprehensively trained specialty personnel and high-technology equipment ensure proper handling of sensitive food items.

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Transparent flow of goods

We establish a direct link to your customers – safely and surely. The European Food Network – a cooperative partnership between renowned European providers of food logistics – has been established to assure a self-contained, seamlessly functioning logistics network.


We set new standards of intelligence in food logistics. We provide our customers operating in the various food industries with the best possible solutions to meet their complex logistical requirements.

Committed to quality

Food logistics are subject to high requirements of quality assurance. This is of the highest priority to us so that we can offer you and your consumers reliable food safety.