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Brazilian truckers' strike causes nationwide chaos

Since 20th May the truckers in Brazil have been on strike to protest against the rising fuel prices. The strike caused nationwide chaos and delays in shipments.

It has been more than one week since angry truck drivers blocked roads across Brazil. Although the government has made some proposals to the truckers' unions last week, the strike continues and is not yet expected to end. The ongoing strike has caused major disruptions to Brazilian’s daily live and the nation’s commerce.

Impacts on sea and air freight:

Imports and exports are being directly affected by the strike as shipments cannot be transported to and from ports and airports.

Impacts in general:

  • Some gas stations were left empty; citizens cannot find gas stations to fuel their vehicle to go to work. Some small airports do not have fuel for the aircrafts.
  • Blocked road and lack of fuel for vehicles sparked a shortage of perishable foods.

DACHSER will keep you informed about the strike situation. Meanwhile if you have any questions please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

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