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DACHSER helps to check status of Hanjin containers

The bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd., the seventh biggest container shipping line worldwide, keeps the logistics industry busy. Read more about the current situation.
Many Hanjin container ships were put on hold at sea.

After Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. filed for court receivership on Wednesday, August 31st, the situation about the handling of Hanjin containers is still mostly vague. Not only containers booked with Hanjin are affected; also containers that have been booked with other shipping lines and that are currently sailing on Hanjin owned or operated vessels are concerned.

Hanjin is part of the CKYHE Alliance, which includes Cosco, KLine, Yang Ming, Hanjin and Evergreen, sharing vessel space.

The effects of Hanjin's bankruptcy are manifold and it remains unclear whether Hanjin vessels which are currently at sea will be permitted to berth into terminals.

We expect terminal congestions in certain ports caused by Hanjin containers held at the terminal. On a larger scale, Hanjin's demise during this time of the year might drive rate increases on the Asia-Europe and transpacific trade in the next weeks.

As of today, Hanjin vessels which are currently in ports around the world are still being unloaded and the containers are being delivered against immediate payment of terminal costs and against placing a (container return) deposit. The level of the deposit varies from port to port.

Even if DACHSER in Far East stopped booking Hanjin containers some weeks ago, worldwide import and export shipments are likely to be affected. Please get in touch with your local DACHSER contact to know more about the status of your shipments.

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