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U.S. trucking capacity

There is currently an escalating challenge of trucking capacity in key U.S. locations which has impacted delivery schedules leading to delays and to unanticipated additional cost.

Affected areas include the Midwest (Chicago and Ohio Valley), Gulf (Houston and Dallas) and the South Atlantic (Savannah and Charleston).

The situation has worsened over the last weeks and was caused by various factors including:

• Electronic Logging Devices (ELD‘s) – a new federal mandate went into effect December 18, 2017 which created additional cost leading to reduced trucking capacity as truckers had to lower their commitments to meet hours of service requirements.

• Severe Weather – the Northeast, Midwest, Atlantic, and Gulf markets experienced severe weather leading to several port closures and delayed openings. This contributed further to a backlog and reduced trucking availability.

• Shortage of Chassis Supply and truck drivers.

• Increase of eCommerce and rising energy prices.

How to Maintain Service Levels in a Tight Transportation Market

  • Be flexible with warehouse appointment times.
  • Consider adding evening and/or weekend hours.
  • Increase communication with transportation partners.
  • Provide partners with adequate lead time.
  • Act quickly – trucks get booked fast.

Please reach out to your local DACHSER contact if you have any questions. We will continue to find solutions to deliver your cargo as expeditiously as possible.

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