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The DACHSER magazine is published four times a year. It addresses customers, staff and other interested readers worldwide. The magazine informs about the latest developments and trends in the logistics industry and the cosmos in which our company operates. Fascinating background details are complemented by journalistic formats from the fields of science, culture and business. The DACHSER magazine is published in German, English, French and Spanish.

  • DACHSER-velocarrier

    Zero emissions in the city

    Bright prospects for emissions- and traffic-plagued city centers: For the first time, DACHSER has established a zero-emissions delivery area in Stuttgart. This pilot project builds on new electromobility concepts and adapts city logistics processes to tomorrow’s needs.
  • DACHSER-magazine-04-18
    Issue 4/18
    Issue 4/18
    • Zero-emissions supply chain: City distribution in Stuttgart
    • Worldwide distribution: Bringing beauty to gift giving with Swiss wrapping paper
    • Portrait: Russia—News from the east
  • DACHSER-magazine-03-18
    Issue 3/18
    Issue 3/18
    • Critical bottlenecks: Managing tight resources
    • Contract logistics: Value by volume in France
    • Portrait: Chile & Peru – Moving up in the Andes
  • DACHSER-magazine-02-18
    Issue 2/18
    Issue 2/18
    Air & Sea Logistics: Network intelligence for global trade
    Packaging material: Carriers that add value
    Portrait: Austria— The strength is at the center
  • DACHSER-magazine-01-18
    Issue 1/18
    Issue 1/18
    • Network intelligence: The power of collaboration
    • DIY-Logistics: Interview with Ralf Meistes
    • Vietnam: Asia’s new hub of world trade
  • DACHSER-magazine-04-17
    Issue 4/17
    Issue 4/17
    • DACHSER Interlocking: A 1-0 win for seamless logistics
    • Project logistics: A factory travels the world
    • Relocation logistics: A university packs up and moves
  • DACHSER-magazine-03-17
    Issue 3/17
    Issue 3/17
    • Logistics quality: the subtle difference between good and better.
    • Air & Sea Logistics: from the backyard to the big wide world.
    • DACHSER Switzerland: Thinking big for half a century.
  • DACHSER-magazine-02-17
    Issue 2/17
    Issue 2/17
    • City Distribution: DACHSER’s toolbox for Europe’s metropolises
    • Rebranding DACHSER Iberia: Interview with Juan Quintana
    • DACHSER Food Logistics: New roads to success with Kuchenmeister
  • DACHSER-magazine-01-17
    Issue 1/17
    Issue 1/17
    • Trust: Going forward together
    • Supply Chain Management: Fiber optics worldwide
    • Hong Kong: A powerhouse of global commerce
  • DACHSER-magazine-04-2016
    Issue 4/16
    Issue 4/16
    • Fresher, faster, farther: food logistics for Europe
    • Global logistics all-rounder for automotive supplier
    • ¡Viva América!: continents on the move
  • DACHSER-magazine-03-2016
    Issue 3/16
    Issue 3/16
    • Interlocking: Giving your all for a common goal
    • Best Case: Tapping the beauty markets with Kao
    • Denmark: In league with happiness
  • DACHSER-magazine-02-2016
    Issue 2/16
    Issue 2/16
    • From quantity to quality: The new landscape of globalization
    • Best Case: DACHSER USA provides logistics for bikers
    • South Korea: East Asia’s world trade hub
  • DACHSER-magazine-01-2016
    Issue 1/16
    Issue 1/16
    • Logistics balance sheet: The recipe for logistics success
    • Best case: Warehousing and multi-channel logistics for Kärcher
    • Staying safe on the road: Chem-Logistics on the Iberian Peninsula
  • DACHSER-magazine-04-2015
    Edition 4/15
    Edition 4/15
    • Logistics 4.0: Supply chain management in the age of digitalization
    • Food Logistics: Pastoral happiness
    • South Africa: In the country of Good Hope
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