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New year message from Yves Larquemin, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics North China

Despite volatility in global markets, China’s economy will move towards the “New Normal”, with continuous steady growth driven by innovation, entrepreneurship and consumption.
Yves Larquemin, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics North China

China is moving fast to become a high-income economy; consumption has emerged as the primary driver for growth. The China logistics sector has to solve a numbers of issues to meet the high demand. The Chinese government is dedicated to expand this sector with new infrastructures and the initiative of the “One Belt, One Road” is another encouraging step forward.

The fact that cost is rising faster than revenue challenges logistics service providers who offer supply chain services; however, new opportunities and room for growth arise. Innovative supply chain solutions, efficient coordination and competitive advantage will guide the “New Normal”.

At DACHSER, we have already been investing in our state-of-the-art warehouses in China to deliver services according to the market demand. Our worldwide air and sea freight network, which is seamlessly interlocked with the European Road Logistics network, helps us to connect worldwide markets.

This stimulus package will be beneficial to foreign companies who are willing to invest and operate in the Chinese market.

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