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DACHSER Contract Logistics offers you a comprehensive logistics solution in all phases of the supply chain with numerous value-added services.
Product and process oriented services.

Diverse product- and process-oriented services before, during and after the classic transport and warehouse business allow the integrated optimization of the entire value chain. For instance, value-added services include the quality control of goods at the time of pickup at the supplier's warehouse, product finishing tasks, sleeving (foliation) or re-packaging into new cartons in the DACHSER warehouses prior to their distribution to regional merchants.

Upon your request, we perform all necessary tasks "in the last mile" - that is labeling prices and shelving at point of sale. Our value-added services make a crucial contribution to optimize your logistics balance sheet long-term as part of intelligent logistics. This has been DACHSER's mission since day one. Our employees act as a local extension of your business, from procurement to distribution.

This allows us to satisfy all necessary requirements regarding quality assurance and product finishing on your behalf close to the markets and the customers. This benefits the customers above all: They save valuable time and money. And they can focus completely on their core business instead: developing new products or opening new markets and revenue channels, and subsequently serving them without effort.

Depending on the industry and the scope of the project, the following project-oriented and process-oriented value-added services are utilized.

Product-oriented value-added services include:

  • Quality control
  • Product refinement
  • Assembly/disassembly work
  • Repairs
  • Packaging/repackaging
  • Tinting

Process-oriented value-added services include:

  • Order management
  • Order picking
  • Finishing/display building
  • Labeling/price marking
  • Processing of returns or complaints
  • Sleeving
  • Customs clearance
  • Shelf stocking and merchandising

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