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DACHSER Norway continues sound performance

DACHSER Norway AS continues its excellent growth curve. The company has presented its annual report, which shows a strong result for 2017, where the sustained growth is particularly due to a consistent focus on quality. The fiscal year 2017 concludes with a turnover of NOK 208 million – an increase of 8,9 percent.
DACHSER Norway AS continues its excellent growth curve.

According to General Manager of DACHSER Norway, Hans-Thomas Andersen, the positive result is due to a constant focus on delivering high quality logistics services.

"This positive development for DACHSER Norway in 2016 is the result of our meticulous attention to quality, our streamlined product plan for road freight throughout Europe and the efforts of our competent employees. As a result, we have gained market shares in a demanding market and we have expanded our presence in Norway. We experience that our customers appreciate our high quality standards and the opportunities which are inherent in our wide product portfolio,” says Hans-Thomas Andersen.

DACHSER has achieved good growth in Scandinavia the past few years. The overall Nordic consolidated accounts continued the positive growth seen in recent years, with a turnover of NOK 1.35 billion. The financial statements for 2017 signal that DACHSER Nordic has achieved stability in its operations. The number of employees increased by 1.8 percent, while the number of shipments rose by 0.1 percent.

“We’re delighted to be able to present overall satisfactory annual accounts, and we’re also very proud that we are continuing to perform well in terms of both revenue and activity levels. This is a moderate increase from last year, but this is related to a changed shipment profile,” says René Sidor, Managing Director of DACHSER Nordic.

The growth is driven by increased trade with existing customers and an influx of new customers. The company has a strong focus on good customer service and on creating transparency and optimising the links in the customers’ supply chains.

“All of our 433 employees have done an excellent job throughout the year, and we will continue to focus on delivering the very best to our customers. It is very much to the credit of our employees that time schedules are fulfilled and the strategies are implemented,” says René Sidor.

New man at the helm

On 1 January 2018, René Sidor took over the baton as Managing Director of DACHSER Nordic. Before taking over the Nordic responsibility, he held the role of General Manager European Logistics Hvidovre at DACHSER Denmark. Therefore he has been actively contributing to the positive development that DACHSER Nordic has experienced over the last 5 years.

“My key task in my new role is to ensure continued positive development while maintaining stability. We have a strong foundation from which to develop, making it essential that we maintain the stability we have built up. We are generally developing very soundly, and we intend to maintain this course,” says René Sidor.

The new Managing Director has had an extensive management career in the transport and logistics industry, including as Managing Director of DanTransport under FLS Industries and as Country Manager of Panalpina in Denmark and Finland. He intends to continue the existing course for DACHSER Nordic, but also to set new ambitious goals for the company:

“We will make DACHSER the preferred partner in the Nordic region – within our core product, which is groupage distribution in Europe – but together we also need to make DACHSER Nordic the preferred workplace, so that we can retain and attract the colleagues we need to bring us to the next level,” René Sidor asserts.

The Norwegian consolidated financial statements at a glance.
Overview of the Nordic consolidated financial statements.

The overall growth of the DACHSER Group

DACHSER, a family-owned company with headquarters in Kempten, Germany, achieved total revenue of EUR 6.12 billion in 2017, and handled a total of 81.7 million shipments, with a total weight of 39.8 million tonnes. In global terms, the Group has 29,100 employees at 396 branches around the world and is represented by its own country organisations in 44 countries.

Key KPIs for the DACHSER Group in 2017:

  • 7.2 percent increase in gross revenue to EUR 6.12 billion
  • 29,100 employees
  • 396 branches in 44 countries
  • A 2.1 per cent increase in the number of shipments, to 81.7 million
  • Tonnage increased by 4.3 percent to 39.8 million tonnes
  • In global terms, DACHSER created 1,648 new jobs in 2017

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