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DACHSER sponsors para swimmer

Ida Andersson Wulf is an elite para swimmer. She was born with a rare disease, which means that she is bound to a wheelchair most of her everyday life – but in the water she is like a fish.
In 2017 she swam her way to two medals at the World Cup.

In early August, the World Para Swimming European Championships took place in Dublin, Ireland. Both Danish, Swedish and Norwegian athletes travelled to Ireland in the hope of becoming European champions. One of these athletes was Ida Andersson Wulf from Trelleborg in the southernmost parts of Sweden. With a sponsorship from DACHSER with her, she set out for the championships, her ambitions in order.

“Ida is one of the best in her field,” says Allan Wolter, Branch Manager European Logistics at DACHSER Sweden’s office in Malmoe. “She is a medallist in the making and one of Sweden’s great swimming hopes – something that we at DACHSER want to support.”

”In the water I am like a fish”

The twenty-year-old athlete works part-time as a swim instructor at the VNSK swimming club in Vellinge besides training five to six days a week. Ida Andersson Wulf is born with a rare disease called opticus hypoplasia.

“It is a malformation in the brain which has damaged some parts of the brain. In my case, this reflects in my physical disability, which binds me to a wheelchair most of the time,” Ida says. “But in the water I am like a fish. I only need help at competitions and tournaments and also only at the start.”

In 2017 she swam her way to two medals at the World Cup. For Allan Wolter, there is great value in supporting Ida. She has already made great results for herself and for Sweden, and she is in every way a very good example.

“It is important to support Paralympic athletes, and we are very proud to give Ida a little help along the way – she is living proof that you can definitely accomplish something great even though you just happen to be born with a certain diagnosis,” says Allan Wolter.

Ida Andersson Wulf’s next goals: the World Cup in Malaysia 2019 and the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020

World Cup in Malaysia and Paralympic Games in Tokyo

The young Swedish athlete has several goals in sight.

“I have been swimming most of my life. Initially, the thought was just to get some exercise in a different way than the usual rehabilitation but I loved being in the water and I continued swimming,” says Ida. “In Sweden, there are only few handicap tournaments, so if you want to get better, you have to go beyond the borders and out into Europe.”

Therefore, Ida Andersson Wulf’s next goal is to attend the World Cup in Malaysia in 2019 and then the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020 – something that Ida herself describes as her life’s journey. With DACHSER’s support, she also swam to a personal record for the European Championships in Dublin.

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