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For many years, the Swedish company Bong has expanded its markets and is now one of the leading suppliers of specialty packaging and envelopes. Solutions for distribution and packaging of information is what Bong is best at, and now the company is further developing in the Nordic region.
While politicians continue to try and find a way out of the Brexit crisis, the leaving date draws inexorably closer. Now it’s up to companies to systematically plan and prepare for all eventualities. One major issue: customs.
Right now, the whole world is looking anxiously to London. The members of the House of Commons will be deciding on the Brexit deal negotiated by the UK government and the EU. There is no telling which way the parliament’s decision will go. But whatever the outcome, DACHSER is prepared.
Ida Andersson Wulf is an elite para swimmer. She was born with a rare disease, which means that she is bound to a wheelchair most of her everyday life – but in the water she is like a fish.
In a backpack destined for Kilimanjaro is a small piece of DACHSER. The backpack belongs to Karin ten Hoopen, Business Controller European Logistics at DACHSER Norway AS, who went on an adventurous trip to Tanzania earlier this year. Her goal was to tackle one of the seven summits: Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.
One of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts and fireplaces has signed a transport agreement with the DACHSER Norway. Since June 1 2018, DACHSER has been handling Jøtul’s export to Europe.
Where is the UK heading? And what does Brexit have in store for logistics providers? The latest newsletter from DACHSER features an insight into Brexit and how it will affect logistics and international trade with the UK.
Summer should be simple. That is what the Swedish outdoor furniture retailing company Brafab thinks, anyway. With summer knocking on our door and a few sunny weeks behind us, it is high season for outdoor furniture for sun-drenched gardens throughout Europe. With daily departures and short lead times, DACHSER has shortened Brafab’s road to the gardens of Europeans.
On May 25, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into force after a two-year transitional period. The regulation places stricter requirements on companies and authorities for ensuring data protection and imposes tough penalties in cases of non-compliance. Below you can read about what the new regulation entails, and what you need to know about handling personal data. 
In this edition of our newsletter you will get an insight into our unique cooperation with outdoor furniture manufacturer Brafab. You also get tips on how to make full use of all the features in our eLogistics app. Happy reading!
As a self-employed haulier, René Lausten never knows what the day brings. But there is still one thing that has been a part of his everyday life for nearly all of the company’s 32 years of existence – which is DACHSER. We have spoken with René to get an idea of his everyday life as a haulier.
In this year's first edition of our newsletter you get the story of a collaboration that celebrates its 32nd birthday in 2018. Happy reading!
Malte A. Hamburg is responsible for Business Controlling at DACHSER Nordics in the Danish town of Kolding. This native of Flensburg, just across the border, is fascinated by the power of numbers, but what counts most in his job is communication skills. 
In an ongoing research project, DACHSER is exploring new ways of city distribution for Europe’s metropolises. But there’s already one clear winner: DACHSER’s modular toolbox for handling the last mile in city centers.
In the latest issue of our newsletter you can get a quick overview of our financial statements of 2016. More and more Norwegian companies see great value in the logistics services that DACHSER provide to the Norwegian market.
Urbanization is a global megatrend of the 21st century, and cities will continue to grow. But megacities also pose “mega” challenges for city distribution. DACHSER is already testing innovative, forward-looking solutions.
DACHSER continued to grow in fiscal year 2016, generating consolidated gross revenue of around 5.71 billion euros – representing a consolidated revenue increase of 1.7 percent on the previous year. The number of shipments rose by 2.4 percent to 80.0 million, and tonnage by 2.4 percent to 38.2 million metric tons. This growth was driven by European overland transport as well as food logistics.
DACHSER is currently creating new capacity for its overland network at several German locations. In the north, the Bremen and Hamburg locations are being expanded. Building is also under way in Alsdorf near Aachen and Dissen near Bielefeld. In total, DACHSER is investing some EUR 60 million at the four locations, creating nearly 35,000 square meters of additional warehouse and office space.
DACHSER Norway will be present at the NIMA conference this year in Oslo. The NIMA conference focuses on procurement, and as a first DACHSER Norway will be a part of the event which takes place at Ullevål Business Center in Oslo on March 30-31.
All that unused space on a trailer roof – is it possible to install photovoltaic modules there and make optimum use of the resulting energy? DACHSER and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE are currently investigating this question by sending a test solar trailer onto the streets of Ulm, Germany.
As of January 1 2017, the rules for reporting value added tax on imports are amended. As a service to our customers, DACHSER will automatically make the calculations of the VAT on imports.
As of January 1 2017, the rules for reporting value added tax on imports are amended. The tax is no longer to be paid to the customs agency via customs credit or cash customs clearance. This will affect all companies that are currently importing goods to Norway – but how will it affect you and your company?
The dream of flying is almost as old as humankind itself. Engineering whizzes came up with plenty of designs and machines, but they were either useless, forgotten about, or not developed until years later. It took centuries until the vision came within striking distance of reality, and an invention, which should never have even been possible, established itself: the airplane.
When importing and exporting goods to and from the EU, the goods have to be cleared in customs. Clearing the goods in a correct and professional way is crucial – otherwise they may strand in the customs administration. Norway is one country that is not part of the EU, which is why no less than 15 percent of the employees at DACHSER Norway work with customs – more than ever before.
Six hundred eighty-two trainees and students all across Germany have begun their training at logistics provider DACHSER—more than ever before. DACHSER has also set a new record for professional drivers: 87 young drivers decided to train with DACHSER this year. In total, the family-owned company is training 1,511 new recruits in 76 locations nationwide. Outside of Germany, the number of next-generation logistics trainees is 255.
The time has come for cutting out faces in pumpkins and creating lanterns for lighting up the darkness of autumn. This is when we Scandinavians usually make sure to wrap ourselves in a cozy padding – yet there is room for a dash of spookiness. Children dressed as witches, zombies and skeletons will wander the streets tonight, doing their trick or treats, and the Norwegian retail chain Nille is specialized in creating the atmosphere of Halloween.
DACHSER was present at the logistics fair and conference Transport & Logistikk 2016 in Oslo, October 17-18. This year, the family-owned logistics company was named best exhibitor by the organizer Norwegian Industry and NHO Logistics and Transport. The mascot DACHSER Bert created a good atmosphere in the exhibition hall and contributed to DACHSER winning the award.
Sea containers first reached Germany’s shores 50 years ago. The logistics industry was awed by an innovation that would have an immense and lasting impact. For Thomas Simon, seeing the standardized steel boxes gave rise to a pioneering idea.
For Swedish lamp manufacturer Markslöjd, summer goes directly into Christmas. Although Christmas is a very short period, it is the busiest season of the year for Markslöjd. How do you make sure that the products reach customers all across Europe in time and before Christmas sales kick off?
In May 2016, one of the first forwarding agent trainees in DACHSER Sweden completed her education after 2.5 years with a unique educational concept. The successful concept started in 2012, and now DACHSER in Sweden is looking for more trainees for this program.
September 3rd 2016 is the date of a running event called SkiLøpet in the town of Ski outside Oslo, Norway. This is the 5 year anniversary of the event and this year, DACHSER has joined as a sponsor.
Utilizing a sustainable methodology, DACHSER—in conjunction with its contract carriers—is currently training 74 young people as professional drivers. Now the second phase of the initiative is underway: workers in vocational retraining programs can now transition to another occupation if they undergo a partial credentialing process that allows them to begin work immediately (expedited credentialing). Marvin Püschel from Köthen, Germany, opted for this process, getting his dream job the second time around.
DACHSER Nordic started the year of 2016 with a ”trainee day” for all Danish and Swedish finance, forwarding and warehouse and logistics trainees – because it is important to invest in trainees, says HR Assistant Nordic, Stella Sayk, who also has the role of Trainee Coordinator.
Breathe healthier, live better. That is the main thought behind the Blueair brand. With this statement follows a dedication to protecting the environment in all aspects. It also involves a conscious choice of logistics provider when there is a chance to decrease the size of the carbon footprint with intelligent logistics.
Winter eats away at outside walls, roofs, and patios, with the full extent of the filth becoming clear in the sunshine of spring. Then it’s time for spring-cleaning—Peak season for Kärcher and its multichannel logistics provider DACHSER.
Hardly any other trade route in the world is as shrouded in myth as the Silk Road. The roughly 11,000-kilometer overland route between China and Europe is currently experiencing a renaissance as an alternative to air and sea freight. DACHSER is one of the companies that sends goods by train. It then feeds them into its groupage network, and companies like Wilo SE in Dortmund are reaping the rewards.
Hans-Thomas Andersen, General Manager at Dachser Norway AS, is celebrating his fifth anniversary at Dachser on February 1 2016. These past five years have been marked by a rapid development for Dachser in Norway, and the positive growth curve has reached new heights.
Amongst the pastel-coloured townhouses in Lillestrøm at the outskirts of Oslo we find the Norwegian industrial company Otto Olsen, bathed in the light of the autumn sun. Otto Olsen has lived in Lillestrøm since 1983 but the company is much older than that – and now DACHSER trucks have become frequent visitors at Otto Olsen’s premises in Lillestrøm.
 In the beginning was the idea, which gave birth to innovation. Then DACHSER fundamentally shook up the logistics industry once again. Swap bodies for trucks is only one of many examples from the 85-year company history. As it grew into a global corporation, DACHSER firmly embedded idea and innovation management into its corporate development. A separate strategic program for innovation ensures progress.
Three years ago, DACHSER was one of the first logistics providers to have its Corporate IT certified according to ISO 27001. Since then, it has passed all the annual audits with flying colors. Now the company has gone one step further: with the current round of audits, all software development processes have been included in the certification.
Sonnentor, an Austrian manufacturer of tea and spice blends grown according to organic standards, commissioned DACHSER to handle its shipping needs—from production to the supermarket shelf. Vital to success: precisely-defined time-slots for delivery.
 Back in 1879, when Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld became the first person to conquer the myth-enshrouded Northeast Passage, the seemingly infinite masses of ice must have appeared impregnable to him. That nature itself would retreat some 100 years later would probably have been beyond the polar explorer’s imagination. And yet this is exactly what is happening due to climate change. This may augur well for the international transport of goods, but will it really fulfill the dreams of globally operating logisticians?
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