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René Sidor – Managing Director

René Sidor was born in 1957. He has a long management career in the transport and logistics sector, including as Managing Director of DanTransport and Country Manager of Panalpina in Denmark and Finland.
rene sidor
René Sidor

At the age of 16, René Sidor started his training to become a freight forwarder at DanTransport a/s in Copenhagen. This was the start of a long career in the transport sector. After completing his training, René continued as a freight forwarder at DanTransport, with sea and road transport to Great Britain as his primary areas. In 1977, his career took an international turn, when he became head of global sea freight at Nordisk Transport in New York City, DanTransport’s partner overseas.

In 1980, René Sidor helped establish DanTransport’s subsidiary in New York. He became Assistant Vice President, responsible for global sea freight, sales and marketing, finance and IT. After four years in the USA, René returned to Copenhagen where he became Section Manager at DanTransport and later, in 1985, Department Manager. 1981, René resumed his studies, and in June 1983, he took his commercial diploma, wanting to combine his practical experience with theory.

From the position of Section Manager at DanTransport, René was gradually promoted to positions with more and more responsibility, first as Area Manager for Eastern Denmark, and then as Divisional Manager with responsibility for air and sea freight in two branches, in Glostrup and Kastrup, respectively. René headed a team of 40 employees. Here he initiated a restructure of the organization in a front and back office as the first company in the Danish forwarding industry, resulting in an annual productivity increase of 30%.

René Sidor had also set himself some new educational goals. In 1994, he graduated from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) with a BSc in international commerce (HD-U), and in December 1996 he completed an Executive MBA from CBS. A few months before, in September 1996, René Sidor became Managing Director of DanTransport a/s with a staff of 98 employees. In this new role, he spent a lot of time visiting and incorporating new partners in the company's existing global air and sea freight network. In the following year, in June 1997, René became Managing Director of DanTransport under FLS Industries, Denmark. This position involved overall responsibility for 9 branches and 720 dedicated employees who generated a turnover of DKK 1.3 billion. In this role he achieved good results, especially with the implementation of a new strategic plan with a following turnaround in May 1998.

In May 1999, when FLS Industries sold off DanTransport Holding a/s to DFDS A/S, René decided to start his own consultancy, specialising in "value added services" after 26 years in DanTransport. After just over three years as an independent consultant, René Sidor became Country Manager of Panalpina in Denmark and Finland. In 2014, he came to DACHSER Denmark A/S as General Manager European Logistics of DACHSER’s branch in Hvidovre. On January 2 2018, René Sidor took over as Managing Director of DACHSER Nordic A/S, succeeding Finn Skovbo Pedersen, who retired after more than 45 years in the transport sector.

His free time, René spends with his family, but there is also time to exercise both his trumpet-playing fingers and his cycling legs when he is not spending time in the kitchen.

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