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DACHSER Chem-Logistics supports the export boom of the Spanish chemical industry

The chemical sector in Spain has grown by 27% in business volume in the last year and 54% in exports in the last ten years, according to the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation. The logistics operator offers chemical manufacturers and distributors a unique specialized industry solution, DACHSER Chem-Logistics, with a highly standardized European distribution network of 37 countries and industry-specific expertise, such as 23 SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability) assessed branches.
DACHSER Chem-Logistics supports the chemical industry in Iberia

The chemical sector is experiencing a period of prosperity in Iberia, reaching a turnover of over 63,100 million euros in 2017, 27% more than in 2016, according to the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation (FEIQUE). The figures also look promising in the future, as a progressive growth trend is estimated, which will allow the sector to double in size in the next 15 years. This increase is linked to the export boom in the sector, which is one of the main suppliers of raw and intermediate materials for the automotive and construction industries, which have been displaced since 2008 to Central and Eastern European countries, as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, among others. This trend translates into the 54% rise in exports of chemical merchandise in the last decade from Iberia.

This evolution has made a shift in the logistics needs of companies in the chemical sector, which have reoriented their sales from the national to the international market and, more specifically, to the European one. DACHSER, logistics operator that has a specific industry solution for the sector, DACHSER Chem-Logistics, has observed this change in its own data, which reached in 2017 the movement of 3.1 million tons of chemical merchandise and the realization of 3,3 million shipments in the same period. In fact, since the introduction of DACHSER Chem-Logistics in Iberia in 2015, the growth in billing in the logistics services offered has been over 10% per year.

Network and expertise: keys for specialized logistic services

The success of DACHSER Chem-Logistics lies in some main factors. Firstly, in the company’s standardized processes within the European Logistics network, which has 353 branches in 25 countries and an additional 72 partner branches in another 12 countries across Europe. Another relevant point is the specific industry know-how. In the case of chemical goods, the DACHSER network currently has 23 branches with the SQAS assessment, ensuring high quality standards regarding health, safety and the environmental issues. In Iberia, both Barcelona North and Valencia branches have already received this assessment and San Sebastian is expected to join the list in 2019.

For Juan Quintana, Managing Director European Logistics for DACHSER Iberia, "in order to efficiently manage the distribution chain of chemical products within a highly standardized groupage network for industrial goods, it is necessary to perfectly understand the specific requirements of the sector " and continues emphasizing that "what is even more relevant is to have a great team of qualified professionals giving daily advice on logistics services for the chemical industry, as we have in DACHSER".

Another important advantage of DACHSER is the management of dangerous goods in the European context. In Iberia, each delegation has its own Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (a total of 39), who is responsible for monitoring the safe and secure handling of these goods, including evaluations and audits. DACHSER currently has a total of 197 advisors distributed throughout its European network, as well as a central team of dangerous goods management located at its headquarters in Kempten (Germany).

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