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DACHSER boosts Food Distribution in Europe

Included in the European Food Network, vivengo is the designation of the new range of services that provides short or flexible transit times and deliveries on weekends and public holidays.
DACHSER boosts Food Distribution in Europe

DACHSER presented a new offer in the food logistics segment. It is called “vivengo” and consists in five services that will revolutionize food logistics in Europe. The vivengo product family includes vengofix – for optimal receipt of goods on the exact day the recipient wants –, vengoflex – the economical solution for shipments that are not time-critical – and vengospeed, with short transit times calculated on the basis of predefined transport distances between the terminals. Ideal for urgent transports, this last solution offers 3 different variations which allow, among other options, deliveries on weekends and holidays.

Vivengo is the result of the newly established European Food Network. DACHSER is one of the 12 founders of this network, which operates in 21 countries. The twelve partners have agreed upon a joint set of rules and common standards for processes, IT and quality.

Investment capability ensures quality

Predictable and reliable” – in a nutshell, those are the benefits for customers, according to Alfred Miller, managing director DACHSER Food Logistics. “Vivengo is our answer to the growing demands in terms of security, speed, flexibility and information for international food shipments.” “Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of transparency; concerning our new European network with harmonized, well-documented processes and also in terms of the corresponding product world vivengo,” says Miller.

“This news of the creation of this European network has been positively received by the market, which has honored it with a growth in volume even before the official kickoff,” describes Alfred Miller. DACHSER has already made substantial investments, having commissioned new facilities for transshipment and storage of food at three locations in Germany. “These investments are part of our promised services. This is the only way we can operate our network under the peak loads of four-day weeks, while offering continuously high-quality service," explains Alfred Miller.

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