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Dachser Romania SRL takes the first steps in initiating students in the real business environment

Following the participation in the working meeting of the Consultative Council of the Romanian-French MBA Program organized by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Traian Dumitrescu Managing Director DACHSER Romania SRL was invited to a panel on the topic of finding an effective solution to blend the academic environment with the business environment.
Helping others

Like DACHSER Romania, the ASE Foundation is governed by values that aim at training human capital to promote intelligence and excellence in business.

The discussion focused on issues such as: Improving the partnership between the private and the academic world, from the perspective of the students' training needs, but also for the MBA programs of the university. Furthermore they talked about the presentation of the ASE Foundation as a way of collaborating with the private environment for project implementation and sustainability. They also agreed on the need for visibility of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), especially for its MBA programs in the business environment, the main purpose being the constant improvement and training of future employees and to increase the performance in the private sector.

Professor Constantin Marius Profiroiu, PhD Vice-Rector of International Relations, shared at the meeting that "The Foundation aims to continuously look for new academic, research and industry partners who share our ambition to develop global graduates, global leaders, global citizens and global researchers”.

Traian Dumitrescu believes that “in order to have loyal employees it is a must that the faculty offers support to students and gives them the opportunity to get in touch as often as possible with the private work environment in order to be as well prepared as possible and trained in their future careers”.

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