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DACHSER posted substantial growth once again in 2018. The logistics provider increased its consolidated net revenue by 5.5 percent to EUR 5.57 billion. As they did last year, shipment numbers increased, rising by 2.5 percent to 83.7 million; tonnage rose 3.0 percent to 41.3 million metric tons. With 30,609 employees in total, up 1,511 from the preceding year, Dachser’s workforce reached a record high.
While politicians continue to try and find a way out of the Brexit crisis, the leaving date draws inexorably closer. Now it’s up to companies to systematically plan and prepare for all eventualities. One major issue: customs.
As of the first of September, logistics provider DACHSER has more employees than at any other point in its history: some 30,500 people around the world are employed by the family company based in Kempten in Allgäu, Germany; that same country is home to 16,246 of those employees. In addition, this year 732 young people have chosen to train or study with DACHSER in Germany—the largest number ever.
For the first time, the logistics provider achieves revenue of over EUR 6 billion with growth driven by strong export business in Europe and invigorated global trade.


The history of bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and Romania began in the fourteenth century, when trade relations were established during the Přemysl dynasty, and from Bohemia were imported cloth and hats.
Early 2019 brings good news and several top rankings that prove once again that DACHSER deserves its place among the world's leading logistics companies.
With DACHSER Chem-Logistics the global logistics provider offers a special solution, tailored for the needs of the chemical industry. Amongst others one main competence lies in handling dangerous goods. To assure quality and safety regular trainings and tests apply for the DACHSER branches storing dangerous goods. Recently such a fire simulation exercise was held in Ploiești.
In the first week of October, Dachser Romania SRL celebrated nine years of its activities in logistics in Romania. At the celebration, the beginnings of the country organisation was remembered together with all its employees.
Following the participation in the working meeting of the Consultative Council of the Romanian-French MBA Program organized by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Traian Dumitrescu Managing Director DACHSER Romania SRL was invited to a panel on the topic of finding an effective solution to blend the academic environment with the business environment.
In the last period, DACHSER has managed to grow its business more and more in countries such as Poland, Germany and Korea.
Dachser Romania SRL was present, through the participation of its Managing Director, Traian Dumitrescu, at the working meeting of the Advisory Council of the Romanian-French ’’National Institute of Economic Development (INDE)” MBA. The meeting aimed at presenting, supporting and developing this program among the young graduates of bachelor studies.
Although they are more than 1,860 km away, Romania and Italy are two countries united by a common history of Dacians and Romans, culture and very similar languages, the Italian vocabulary being 50% identical to Romanian, as both languages are based on Latin.
At a DACHSER management conference Traian Dumitrescu, Managing Director Dachser Romania, received a “Best Performer in Results and Service Award” out of the hands of Michael Schilling, COO Road Logistics of the global logistics provider with headquarters in Germany.
Although they are located at the geographic extremes of Europe, Romania and Spain have met many times throughout history. The first Romanian-Spanish direct connections date back to the 15th century, when Iancu de Hunedoara, the Ruler of Transylvania and King Alfonso IV of Aragon signed a collaboration treaty. And until our times, the trade connections between the two countries have stayed close.
In the latest “Top 100 in Logistics in Europe” study, DACHSER once again takes the top spot in the European groupage transportation segment. And on the “special transports” market (including food logistics), the company rose from seventh to fourth place.
DACHSER is the launch customer for Daimler’s all-electric FUSO eCanter light commercial vehicle. As of spring 2018, the logistics provider will be operating two of these trucks in city centers—one in Berlin, the other in Stuttgart.
Asphalt can do more than just pave the road. As early as 3000 BCE, the Babylonians and Sumerians used "mineral tar" (a compound of crude oil and oxygen) to seal construction works. The Egyptians even used it for mummification.
Romania and France have a long-standing common history since the Epoch of Enlightenment, when the principles and values transmitted by French culture, language and thinking have manifested strong influences on the Romanian people, and also, Romanian writers, poets, scientists and diplomats have well-marked the French culture.
As part of the presentation of the European Transport Award for Sustainability (ETPN), this year DACHSER received the Special Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. The company came first in the Transportation and Forwarding Companies category.
Poland is one of Romania's most important trading partners in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also an important market for logistics providers and at the same time serves as a crossroads between East and West.
Thursday, October 5, 2017, DACHSER celebrates its 8th anniversary since operating on the Romanian transport market. Although it is the same age as a 2nd grade child, the figures confirm that DACHSER Romania grows very fast.
On August 24, 2017 a meeting was held at Dachser Romania headquarters in Bucharest between Traian Dumirescu, Managing Director European Logistics Romania, and Sebastian Metz, General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The purpose of the meeting was to establish a fruitful collaboration between the two parties in the future.
The chemical industry contributes significantly to Romania's economy, having a renowned tradition and an important role in its development. DACHSER provides its customers with high-quality solutions for the transport and storage of dangerous goods, which is being conducted in our country at the branch in Ploieşti, where a SQAS assessment has recently taken place.
When the handling staff load the swap bodies or the semi-trailers for long-haul transport, they have to summon up the skills of a Tetris champion. The aim is to load as many goods as possible on the floor or in double-decker fashion whilst ensuring there are no gaps which could cause the goods to slide out of place. The dimensions, packaging, weight limits or arrival times of local transport vehicles often make the task more difficult than one would think. Luckily though there are practical tools to help make loading secure and safe.
Lufthansa Cargo has honored its partner DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics in its 2015 Quality Awards for the German Market, ranking it in first place for the best results in booking quality, delivery volume, and delivery timeliness. DACHSER received the award for best quality among major forwarders handling more than 10,000 air waybills (AWB) per year.
The buzzword “logistics balance sheet” is the focus of the title story in this issue of the DACHSER magazine: how can companies make the success of logistics strategies, concepts, and activities measurable?
Hardly any other trade route in the world is as shrouded in myth as the Silk Road. The roughly 11,000-kilometer overland route between China and Europe is currently experiencing a renaissance as an alternative to air and sea freight. DACHSER is one of the companies that sends goods by train. It then feeds them into its groupage network, and companies like Wilo SE in Dortmund are reaping the rewards.
Transports and logistics can only be seen together with the IT industry in the following decades. The interdependency of the two fields is impossible to be denied. Without a doubt, the information and communication technologies will greatly contribute towards co-modality by improving infrastructure, traffic and fleet management. Moreover, IT industry will decisively contribute to a better tracking and tracing of goods across the transport networks and will definitely bring better connection between businesses and administrations. What does co-modality mean? It is the optimal combination of different modes of transport within the same transport chain.
The transport and logistics sector is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Romanian economy. Its dynamics is generated by the strong competition between the big players and by the difficulties they have to surpass. In an extremely competitive and very demanding economic climate, DACHSER Romania found answers to the new challenges of the market. We went even further: we found solutions, together with a way in which we can progress.
Germany remains the No.1 trade partner of Romania also in 2014. According to the National Statistics Institute imports from Germany totaled 11, 2 bln. EUR 8, 7% more than in 2013 and exports 10.1 billion, up by 9, 8% from the same year. Thus the increase in imports and exports to and from Germany was more than the increase of around 5% of the total Romanian exports and imports.
The international logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management trade fair opens its doors again.
In the beginning was the idea, which gave birth to innovation. Then DACHSER fundamentally shook up the logistics industry once again. The 85-year company history gives many examples. As it grew into a global corporation, DACHSER firmly embedded idea and innovation management into its corporate development. A strategic program for innovation shows the path. By Dr. Andreas Froschmayer, Corporate Director, Corporate Development, Strategy & Public Relations
According to the recent study “Top 100 in Transport and Logistics – Issue 2014/2015” published by the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services (SCS), DACHSER has improved in three of five German logistics markets.
One of the leading Finnish air and sea freight companies, Oy Waco Logistics Finland, is becoming part of the global DACHSER brand. The company name will change to DACHSER Finland Air & Sea Logistics Oy beginning on October 1, 2014.
Between 21-23.01.2014, was held SEVESO programmed control at SC DACHSER Romania SRL – in the dangerous goods warehouse near Ploiesti (Thomas Dachser street, Aricestii Rahtivani).
Recent news painted a dramatic picture of the potential risks from the Internet. Regardless of whether it is a matter of protection from foreign intelligence services or fending off cyber criminals, every company today needs a comprehensive plan for minimizing IT risks. This also applies to DACHSER.
These fire trucks are on fire! Austria-based Rosenbauer supplies tailor-made, state of-the-art technology to airports throughout the globe. Sophisticated project logistics are essential for this purpose.
According to the new “TOP 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services 2013/2014” study, DACHSER has conquered the pole position in the European groupage market.
In such a crowded transport market, leading companies bring into the attention the advantages that consumers can benefit by appealing to their services. DACHSER, as a top multinational transport company, has a series of advantages over other logistic companies, described in an article published in TIR Magazin, as follows.
From 1 January 2014, all new trucks sold will be required to meet the Euro 6 emission standard. However, the first diesel engines with reduced nitrogen oxide emissions are already under way in the Dachser network – in the pilot country Switzerland.
The DACHSER magazine is published four times per year. It is intended for customers, employees and other interested readers worldwide. The magazine provides up-to-date information on developments and trends from the industry as well as the universe of our company. Fascinating background reports are supplemented by journalistic contributions from science, culture and economy. The DACHSER magazine is available in German, English and French. 

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