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A supply chain in plastic

Distrupol works in thermoplastic polymers and elastomers, helping businesses create millions of different products: from ski boots to children’s toys. Together with DACHSER, Distrupol have been able increase their stock accuracy, and full traceability gives a good overview of their goods flow.
“We want a partner who can offer a good warehouse solution." Keith Price, European Operations Director at Distrupol.

A great relationship can last for many years – ten years and still ongoing to be exact. That is how long Distrupol and DACHSER have been working together. Nevertheless, the relationship has been constantly evolving ever since Distrupol outsourced its warehousing to DACHSER Sweden and the contract logistics solution in Jönköping.

“We want a partner who can offer a good warehouse solution, individual racking locations, good stock control plus a good next day delivery service being central geographically,” explains Keith Price, European Operations Director at Distrupol.

One stop shop

Since Distrupol first transferred their small plastic pallets to the DACHSER warehouse in Jönköping more than 10 years ago, the site has developed dramatically, also improving service and further reducing damages.

By combining the warehousing and transport solutions to customers based in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, DACHSER has been able to create one uniform solution, creating transparency through real-time Tracking & Tracing with DACHSER eLogistics. That way Distrupol has the opportunity to follow shipments throughout the entire supply chain and forward all information back to the customers. Along with the high level of stock accuracy, this has a positive effect on the growth of the company.

Fredrik Rånge is Warehouse Manager at DACHSER Sweden in Jönköping, and he knows Distrupol’s business like the back of his hand.

“In order to meet Distrupol’s needs, we have created a combined solution for groupage and charter. This means that we handle everything from 25 kg shipments to full truck loads,” explains Fredrik Rånge, who works closely with Distrupol. “We have worked with Distrupol for many years. They make high demands on our services, which is good – it keeps us on our toes. It is definitely a partnership model.”

“Communication is vital in ensuring a good service is provided by both DACHSER and Distrupol to our customers."

“Trust is paramount”

Keith Price knows what a difference a good relationship with your logistics provider makes.

“We have a very good relationship with all contacts at DACHSER, including the logistics department,” explains Keith Price from Distrupol. “Communication is vital in ensuring a good service is provided by both DACHSER and Distrupol to our customers. Trust is paramount.”

Per Gustavsson, Branch Manager European Logistics at DACHSER Sweden’s branch in Jönköping looks forward to at least another ten years of cooperation with the plastic specialist:

“The dialogue with Keith and his team is very good, and we have built a certain relation over all these years of working together to optimize the warehousing logistics of Distrupol. We know every need that they may have, and we have been able to build a network between our two companies that works extremely well.”

About Distrupol:

Distrupol is a European leader with over 50 years of excellence, innovation and expertise in the sales and application development of thermoplastic polymers and elastomers. Long standing partnerships, extensive speciality portfolio and highly experienced sales and development team enable Distrupol to provide the finest solutions and services to customers across Europe, from sites across the UK, Ireland, Nordic and Benelux regions. Distrupol is a Univar Company.

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