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Freight Forwarding Apprentices

Now it is possible for Swedish students and who have studied at an upper secondary school to complete apprenticeship training in freight forwarding and to do their traineeship at one of DACHSER’s four branches in Sweden (Gothenburg, Jönköping, Stockholm and Malmö).
Freight Forwarding Apprentices

During the training, the students will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. 75% of the training takes place at one of DACHSER’s branches in Sweden, and 25% at Roskilde Business College (20 km from Copenhagen) together with Danish logistics apprentices. The students can write and speak Swedish during all school periods, but all teaching and all learning materials are in Danish. This is something the students need to be able to do.

Unique Training Related to the Freight Forwarder’s Profession

The Danish Ministry of Education prepares guidelines on how apprenticeship trainings have to be conducted, but the set-up and the content of the training is defined in cooperation with Roskilde Business College, DACHSER and the Danish Freight Forwarders Association (corresponding to Swedish International Freight Association in Sweden). This and also the fact that most of the training is done through practical learning connects the training to the labour market and the requirements of the freight forwarder’s profession. The purpose of the training is to allow the student to continue working with DACHSER after the completion of the apprenticeship in an ordinary Swedish freight forwarding position in one of DACHSER’s Swedish branches, of course, provided that the freight forwarders do not prefer to put their strengths to a test at one of DACHSER’s branches around the world.

When Swedish students from upper secondary school start their training, they are employed by DACHSER Nordic A/S (the Danish part of the company), but they are stationed in DACHSER Sweden AB (the Swedish part of the company) where the practical training takes place. DACHSER Nordic A/S and the student sign a training agreement, which governs the apprenticeship position and the content of the training. The student is employed during the entire apprenticeship training period (2½ years) and receives a salary during both the theoretical and the practical parts of the training.


The salary amounts to approximately SEK 16.325 (DKK 13.095) as of 2016 per month for the first 18 months, and to approximately SEK 17.685 (DKK 14.186) as of 2016 per month for the last year of the training. Health insurance and Danish pension contributions (including retirement annuity) of 8% are paid by DACHSER. The students pay 4% in pension contributions.

Half-year Basic Training and 2-year Main Training

The students complete the theoretical training at Roskilde Business College. The first part of the training consists of a basic training of six months. During this time, the students have to complete four courses:

• IT, level C (2 weeks)
• Sales and Service, level C (2 weeks)
• Business Administration, level C (2 weeks)
• 5 weeks “student course” (Communication, Data processing, Quality & Service)

(The highest level in Denmark is A).

The students do not complete all courses in a row but in two to five week sessions in the first 6 months of the apprenticeship training. The rest of the time, the students are at their trainee posts at DACHSER in Sweden.

The basic training ends with a week-long project work. After an approved project work, the student can continue with the main training the duration of which is two years. For the duration of the main training at Roskilde Business College, the apprentice continues to study:

• Introduction to Freight Forwarding (1 week)
• General Freight Forwarding – Road, Air and Sea (1 week)
• Road transport (2 weeks)
• Optional special course (5 weeks), such as Multimodal Transport, Transport Law, Dangerous Goods and Customs
• Exam (1 week)

Accommodation during School Periods and Travelling to/from Roskilde

During school periods, the apprentice lives at a student hostel paid by DACHSER. Trips to/from the Swedish branch are also paid by DACHSER.

Taxes and Social Security Contributions

During the apprenticeship training the student is employed by DACHSER Nordic A/S, but stationed at DACHSER Sweden AB. The apprentice's salary is therefore paid by DACHSER Nordic A/S. During the school periods at Roskilde Business College, the student is liable to taxation in Denmark. Danish income tax is deducted from each salary payment for the time spent by the student at the college. The salary for the practical part of the training, which takes place at DACHSER Sweden AB, is not taxed in Denmark but is liable to taxation in Sweden.

During the apprenticeship training the student's social insurance is paid in Sweden. This means that social security contributions are paid by DACHSER Nordic A/S in addition to the salary, both during the school periods and the practical parts of the apprenticeship training.

If You Would Like to Become a Freight Forwarding Apprentice at DACHSER

To become a freight forwarding apprentice at DACHSER you must have completed an upper secondary school program. You must also have excellent language and IT skills. You must be trustworthy and be prepared for an apprenticeship that requires commitment and desire to develop.

Statements of Freight Forwarders Apprentices

Nelly is from DACHSER in Stockholm

Nelly (DACHSER Stockholm)

"Being an apprentice at DACHSER makes it possible to combine work and study during a 2.5 year period. The practical part takes place in the office you are employed, and the theoretical part at the business school in Denmark as DACHSER cooperates. Throughout the program you will receive a apprentice salary, unlike most other vocational holding practice. You get paid to be trained in the industry!

Another thing that I think has a positive impact on training time is that, at DACHSER you will soon be seen as a regular employee, and thus early to a close contact with colleagues from DACHSERs offices, and various businesses around the world."

Nelly finished her apprenticeship in May 2016 and has chozen to stay at DACHSER in Stockholm.

Jesper is from DACHSER in Malmö

Jesper (DACHSER Malmö)

"Being a shipper apprentice at DACHSER is a unique opportunity to get a foot into the workforce while providing a solid education. It fits practically minded persons and you get the chance to work alongside experienced freight forwarders. At the same time you will be given responsibility to carry out work on your own very early during your education. During the entire apprenticeship period you will be given a salary and therefore also avoid taking out student loans, which usually is the case in conventional university and college courses."

Jesper finished his apprenticeship in June 2015 and is current holding a position as Charter Freight Forwarder at DACHSER inGöteborg.

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