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DACHSER puts global supply chain solutions in its focus

To meet growing demand for end-to-end procurement and distribution for its Asian customers DACHSER strongly focuses on the interlocking of its air, sea and road logistics networks to deliver efficient supply chain management for global goods flows.
DACHSER puts global supply chain solutions in its focus

DACHSER Interlocking provides complete transparency across multimodal transport chains, on both the physical and informational levels with local personal consulting through the company’s global network.

“We deliver an integrated supply chain solution for our multinational customers. Asia is where many components are manufactured and finished products delivered,” said Edoardo Podestá, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific.

A crucial element of DACHSER’s logistics services in Asia is its in-house developed and fully integrated IT systems.

“We have three systems that work together to ensure the customers’ goods are in safe hands. They are Mikado, the warehouse management software system; Domino, our transport management system for road logistics across Europe; and Othello, which integrates air and sea freight shipments with a globally standardized system. Othello has been developed recently and rolled out as we speak across all our countries including in our region. ”

The sophisticated state-of-the-art warehouse system Mikado has already proved its worth all around the world and is adding real value to its business. In Asia, the automated warehouses are located in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

DACHSER Interlocking provides easier access to global markets through one distribution and procurement supplier and optimal supply and planning for production facilities and warehouses. Each advanced warehouse has lean contract management, thus reducing administrative processes.

“Customers are demanding global flexibility and transparency along the entire supply chain and they want to benefit from increased efficiency and we are able to deliver through our supply chain solutions,” said Podestá.

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