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DACHSER Chem-Logistics to start in Slovakia

DACHSER is partner of choice for the chemical industry. With its DACHSER Chem-Logistics industry solution, the logistics provider has also assumed a pioneering role in this field, combining individual customer requirements with high quality standards. The family enterprise’s decades of experience ensure a perfectly organized transport chain.
DACHSER Chem-Logistics to start in Slovakia

The transport of chemical products makes high demands on logistics. The goods to be transported are often either dangerous goods or temperature-sensitive products that as a result require special conditions of carriage since safety and quality are top priorities. Based on decades of experience in transport and warehousing, DACHSER is a competent partner when it comes to handling dangerous goods on behalf of the chemical industry. Customers can draw on a uniform European transport network offering rapid and flexible access to all sales and procurement markets around the world.

Staff training

In order to guarantee the highest standards of safety in this demanding area, DACHSER offers its employees regular staff training. In addition to the central dangerous goods safety adviser, there are also 135 regional safety advisers. DACHSER trains in excess of 9,500 employees a year in issues relating to dangerous goods transport.

IT systems optimize warehousing and transport

IT-assisted controls ensure compliance with volume limits and prohibitions on storing goods together. Transport is organized, monitored, handled and documented with the help of automated processes. The IT systems and eLogistics applications permit full transparency with rapidly available information and help to optimize the supply chain.

Safety regulations in excess of legal requirements

DACHSER accepts its responsibility both in terms of the quality of its services and when it comes to protecting staff, the environment and the general public. That’s why the company’s safety and quality regulations always go a step further than the law requires. Independent assessors at fourteen European locations have therefore successfully assessed DACHSER on the basis of the CEFIC “Transport Service” questionnaire (SQAS). Additional locations are to follow.

“The high network density, sophisticated IT solutions and the comprehensive level of staff training make DACHSER an optimal partner for customers from the innovative chemical sector,” says Roman Stoličný, Country Manager DACHSER Slovakia.

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