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Heavyweight on tour: DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics charters Antonov

At the end of October, DACHSER organized the transport of a 95-ton section of a generator (specifically, the stator) from Graz, Austria to Tampa, Florida, USA. So that the colossus could traverse the Atlantic, DACHSER chartered an Antonov AN 124-100 freighter airplane. Graz Airport authorized a special take-off clearance just for this project.
DACHSER charters Antonov
DACHSER organized a transport of a 95 tonne generator from Graz to Tampa / Florida.

Special equipment was either manufactured or leased with the shortest turnaround, so that the assembly could be loaded onto one of the world’s largest airplanes: Heavy-duty cranes, special flatbed loader/module trailers as well as a custom-manufactured steel base, all built within almost no time, and exactly to airline specifications.

The generator was manufactured in Styria, Austria. From Florida, DACHSER organized ground transport in the USA to the end customer, which is one of the leading corporations worldwide that operates in the energy supply industry.

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