Novinky a tlačové správy pre zákazníkov.

13. 3. 2019
DACHSER Slovakia ponúka nové priame spojenie do Štrasburgu a Langenhagenu

Medzinárodný dodávateľ logistických služieb DACHSER Slovakia posilňuje svoju sieť priamych liniek. Zákazníci môžu od februára využívať nové linky z Lozorna do Štrasburgu a Langenhagenu až päťkrát v týždni.

DACHSER has strengthened its standing as one of the key players on the market and has introduced new routes. The route from Strasbourg is a two-way route and brings a more direct connection to France. It results in increased effectiveness, quality and time savings.

The route to Langenhagen is currently a one-way route and it provides only export from Lozorno to Langenhagen. As Langenhagen is located in north of Germany, this new route is significantly strengthening the connection to Denmark, England and the whole of Scandinavia. The introduction of the new direct route will provide exporters with shorter supply times to more remote areas.

“The introduction of both lines will allow for a more effective distribution of goods in the network and consequently a more effective and simpler planning of the distribution. Both lines will additionally shorten the lead time of the entire process by almost a day,” explains Roman Stoličný, Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors of DACHSER Slovakia.

Roman Stoličný further explains: “Strasbourg and Langenhagen will operate as platforms, it means that the goods will be transported through them to various directions. As for the shipments directly to the localities of Strasbourg and Langenhagen, we naturally delivered them even before that.”

The branch of DACHSER in Lozorno has a transhipment area of almost 3,650 m² and warehouse area of 3,000 m². Every day, numerous direct lines go from or to Lozorno and ensure connection with 15 countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy and three destinations in Slovakia.

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