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The name is the product: Under the name Cargoplus, via facilities equipped for this very purpose, DACHSER offers services that cannot be provided through the LCL network. DACHSER Cargoplus provides pan-European full truckload transport for high-volume shippers as well as specialized transport services for countries that border the European DACHSER network: the CIS countries, the Maghreb and Turkey.
Logistics beyond the EU borders often follow unique rules.

Cargoplus combines the extensive logistics expertise within the European network with the country-specific know-how of our experts for the dispatch into the above named markets. In addition, Cargoplus manages the pan-European FTL business for high-volume customers.

Our experience for your success

Specialization is necessary: Logistics beyond the EU borders often follow unique rules. The knowledge and experience of experts who possess comprehensive geographic knowledge and language skills are sought after in this situation. Our Cargoplus employees speak all required languages.

They "assist" the client far beyond the actual transport service and ensure all communication along the service chain: from driver and contractor to authorities and the consignee.

A comprehensive and project-related consultation occurs at the beginning of the collaboration. The employees of Cargoplus are knowledgeable: They advise you on transport safety, assist with the preparation of the necessary documents and design the best route plan.

Pan-European full load shipments

Reliable carriers are the foundation for a dependable transportation process.

Centralized management of shipments occurs via the location in Memmingen.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Procurement and distribution logistics for full load shipments throughout Europe
• Comprehensive market expertise in each country
• Careful selection of carriers
• Up-to-date status reports regarding the transport

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Our experience for your success

Turkey has its own rules for the transport of goods as well. DACHSER's Cargoplus experts know the market, the country-specific peculiarities and customs requirements.
Our company has been active in the Maghreb for more than 40 years and transports about 15,000 trailers per year between continental Europe and North Africa. Fast, direct and reliable. A technology standard for IT and truck equipment guarantees the high DACHSER transport quality at every location along the entire supply chain.
Cargoplus serves the CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) as well as Mongolia.