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As a family-managed large business and globally operating logistics service provider, DACHSER has a responsibility toward society and its standards.
Transparent regulations for the company, its entities and employees.

Aside from its own moral commitments and values, ongoing monitoring is an additional reason for DACHSER to conduct all business and services in an ethical and legally flawless manner. To avoid any conflict of interests, all DACHSER employees, without exception, abide by the applicable laws in all the markets served by us, as well as our internal regulations.

They also observe the customs, traditions and societal values of the diverse countries. Our compliance management includes a DACHSER code of conduct as well as the DACHSER behavior policy guidelines that provide direct guidance to more than 29,098 employees worldwide.

DACHSER Group SE & Co. KG Managing Board Compliance Statement (2019)

Our compliance motto, “Integrity in logistics,” underscores our company’s efforts to ensure that our collaboration with all our customers is built on trust. At the same time, it highlights how DACHSER promotes constructive collaboration along the logistics supply chain.

When it comes to compliance, trust is an essential element. Long-term collaboration is possible only when you can be sure of your business partner’s integrity. A culture of trust is the definitive basis for successful collaboration—not only with third parties, but also within an organization.

We expect our colleagues to act with integrity, both within our organization and especially within their own teams, in line with internal compliance requirements. Our DACHSER Compliance Management System provides the necessary degree of control to ensure that trust in us is well placed.

However, trust cannot be a one-way street. If trust is felt to be a one-sided demand, then our understanding of “Integrity in logistics” is unlikely to lead to success. Only when everyone involved in the process is equally committed to collaboration built on trust can we hope to deliver sustainable success to the benefit of our company.

An essential building block of our Compliance Management System is unconditional observance of competition and antitrust legislation. DACHSER is committed to the principle of free and fair competition and respects market forces. It is DACHSER’s unconditional corporate policy to conduct all business in accordance with the competition and antitrust legislation applicable in each case. Any and all arrangements, agreements, or consultations with the competition, as well as any anticompetitive exchange of data or information, are expressly forbidden and DACHSER will not tolerate such conduct. Infringements of this will have consequences arising from competition, antitrust, and labor law.

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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies worldwide to all employees and organisational units at DACHSER. It describes binding principles of conduct which are to be upheld by everyone. This will help to secure the long-term success of our company.

Code of Conduct.pdf

DACHSER Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The "DACHSER Code of Conduct for Business Partners", which can be viewed here, is an orientation for all companies wishing to do business with DACHSER. It is regarded as a binding basis for cooperation with DACHSER.

DACHSER Code of Conduct for Business Partners