Intelligent logistics in the lead.

Safe transport for entertainment electronics

The market for consumer electronics is developing with lightning speed. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics has specialized in the requirements of this globally operating industry.
DACHSER takes care of the transport of valuable freight to relevant markets for you.

Asia is one of the largest markets for consumer electronics. The most important manufacturers of consumer electronics are located in this region. Whether 3-D flat screen televisions, smart phones or game consoles: The safe transport of this valuable freight to its markets in Europe is one of the main concerns for manufacturers and their trade partners.

A complex service chain under one roof

Integrated logistics supports industry and trade customers in the safe, timely and cost-saving organization of their worldwide supply chains - all around the globe. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics combines the logistics before and after the transport by ship or air freight with additional services to create a sensible, efficient and safe transportation chain. To meet your challenging requirements, we have been working on the expansion and continuous improvement of our international network, as well as the network within Asia for many years. Many years of experience in the field of consumer electronics, as well as profound knowledge of the markets and transportation routes, make us one of the most dependable logistics partners for consumer electronics worldwide.

Safety at all levels of transport

The safety and quality of the shipment are of the highest priority. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics has therefore adapted its infrastructure locally to meet strict safety requirements and transport regulations. This includes, among other things, video surveillance and access control of the warehouses, stringent security screening of all employees, and the use of trucks with a two man crew that can be located by GPS.

Our logistics services in overview:

  • All standard services of DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics
  • Safe transport solutions for highly valuable entertainment electronics
  • Aircraft pallet construction/container stuffing
  • Transportation of valuables including insurance solutions

Special measures for the protection of goods and cargo:

  • Vehicle monitoring in local traffic, as well as digital video surveillance
  • Regular internal controls  
  • Interface documentation through the use of barcodes (NVE) 
  • Avoidance of damage through the use of load restraint devices and luggage racks

In addition to proven logistics solutions, we also offer a number of value-added services

Value-added services (depending on product and order):  

  • Quality control
  • Assembly/ disassembly work
  • Packaging/re-packaging
  • Building of displays
  • Spare parts management
  • Repair/waste management
  • Project-related standard operating procedure (SOP) definition
  • Individual customer reports
  • Statistics and success monitoring

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