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DACHSER awarded for outstanding reliability

Lufthansa Cargo honored DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics in the Europe and Africa regions with the 2014 Lufthansa Cargo Quality Award for Europe & Africa. The award recognizes the logistics provider’s superior input quality. Thus, DACHSER has the highest level of reliability for bookings out of all other shipping and logistics companies participating in the competition.
Katja Wichmann, Head of Global Account Management Europe/Africa at Lufthansa Cargo AG, and Thomas Krüger, Regional Manager North Central Europe at DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics

To Lufthansa Cargo, one key criterion for the award is the provider’s “flown as planned’ performance.” This metric specifically includes booking quality, minimal no-show rates, and meeting the Cargo 2000 RCS indicator (“ready for carriage” shipment received from forwarder). Lufthansa Cargo measured these criteria each month, and is now recognizing the three partners with the best performance records. In the shippers and logistics providers category—for which at least 200 air waybills had to be flown with Lufthansa Cargo in the Europe/Africa sector—DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics reached the peak position. Germany is excluded from this, because Lufthansa Cargo bestows a separate award there.

“At DACHSER, the issue of quality gets top priority,” states Thomas Krüger, Regional Manager North Central Europe at DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics. “This award proves that we have done our homework.” On behalf of all employees, Krüger accepted the award at a ceremony that was part of the Lufthansa Cargo Forum for Europe & Africa 2014.

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