Intelligent logistics in the lead.

Logistics expertise for the construction, do-it-yourself, and gardening industries

Intelligent industry logistics must ensure the uninterrupted availability of new products every day. DACHSER DIY-Logistics has perfected every detail of this service.
Logistics for do-it-yourself commercial chains, such as home improvement stores.

The market for the do-it-yourself (DIY) industry is steadily growing. The perfectly-organized sales floors with their extensive selection of tools, screws and nails, paint, wallpaper, wood, furniture, gardening items and construction materials call for intelligent, industry-specific logistics.

We have systematically adapted to the global logistics requirements of the DIY industry with DACHSER DIY-Logistics. With the "DACHSER DIY-Logistics pipeline", we offer you a unique industry-wide service to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of goods.

With the help of detailed concepts and processes that are tailored to the specific requirements of the DIY industry, we transport the goods from the USA and Asia to Europe by air and sea freight. The goods are then shipped via our network on a need-based schedule from our numerous branches and warehouses to all the Home & Garden Stores supplied by DACHSER.

DACHSER DIY-Logistics Pipeline

The DACHSER DIY-Logistics Pipeline is a symbol of the global logistics services of the DACHSER network for the DIY sector. We offer you intelligent, IT-supported logistics solutions from one source throughout the entire flow of goods - from supplier to point of sale, and back as needed. Since DACHSER is a master of this cooperation worldwide, we can provide you with "one stop shopping." This pipeline also functions in reverse - via our intelligent product management.

Numerous value-added services (VAS) round out our offering. They allow uninterrupted services from the supplier to the trade. Due to intelligent consolidation concepts, we reduce complexities, while at the same time avoiding additional environmental and economic burdens. Our daily activities are guided by the basic principle of environmentally sustainable trade.

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DACHSER DIY-Logistics pipeline

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