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Internships as a gateway to a career in logistics

Each year, several hundred new interns, apprentices and students from all over the world start their training at family-owned logistics company, DACHSER. In the United States, DACHSER USA Air & Sea Logistics offers internships to college students as a gateway to a successful career in the logistics field.
Internships as a gateway to a career in logistics

For a vast majority of professionals in logistics, their careers were built by starting with an internship or apprenticeship learning the fundamentals and basics of the industry.

DACHSER’s apprenticeship program offers individuals an opportunity to train and learn through various different apprenticeships in transportation by truck, warehousing, air and sea freight, and information technology. In Germany, DACHSER currently provides professional logistics training for 1,350 new employees across all age groups. 645 of them started their training in the fall.

With capacity bottlenecks and the growing driver shortages that could potentially limit future growth, DACHSER has also implemented professional truck driver training at 35 German locations. Every year, more than 100 people start their driver training within this successful concept which DACHSER is now also going to implement in Austria.

Across Europe, the DACHSER education program provides practical apprenticeships in the company’s branches using job rotation to disseminate knowledge about freight. Currently, 35 DACHSER forwarding and logistics specialists are participating in the program in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Internships in the U.S.

Since 2008, DACHSER USA Air & Sea Logistics has offered both domestic and international internship opportunities for young professionals interested in logistics careers. Interns gain first-hand experience in the logistics field while building professional skills and knowledge about freight on an international level.

Through five colleges and universities, interns have gained experience at a number of different offices in the U.S. including Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Boston, and Charlotte. In collaboration with DACHSER Germany, DACHSER USA has also enabled international interns to gain experience at the New York and Atlanta offices.

“As an international company, it is extremely helpful to have team members with knowledge of other countries and languages,” said DACHSER USA Air & Sea Logistics President and CEO, Frank Guenzerodt. “I encourage young professionals in the U.S. to be flexible and open to work assignments overseas for a few years to build a career and gain experience.“

DACHSER is committed to its employees’ growth and development and has made its commitment to training a top priority. “While DACHSER is a large, global organization, it’s also a family-owned company with a strong emphasis on family values,” said Guenzerodt. “The focus is on attracting the best team members and supporting them.”

DACHSER USA’s internships offer individuals an opportunity to train and learn through various departments such as ocean import and export, air import and export, domestic and customs house brokerage. DACHSER is continuing to lead and train the future of professionals in the logistics field.

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Anita Whiteside
Public Relations USA