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New Trucking Regulations in Mexico

As of August 27, 2018 a new transport regulation (NOM-087) issued by the Mexican Authorities went into effect.
New Trucking Regulations in Mexico

The new regulation will mandate the maximum time a driver can be on the road. The basic points that will be observed are:

• Maximum driving time per day: 14 hours
• A mandatory rest of 30 minutes every 5 hours driving
• A minimum rest of 8 hours every 14 hours of driving (in a period of 24 hours)
• All these requirements need to be registered in a logbook that the driver always has to carry with him

It is anticipated that the above regulations will result in truck shortages and extended transit times for the transportation of cargo in Mexico, thereby leading to delays in pickups and deliveries.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you of transport regulation (NOM-012) which went into force in July 2018 which regulates the use of tandem chassis and is also contributing to truck shortages. Read more in our previous update.

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