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Trucking capacity shortage in Mexico

There is a growing issue of truck capacity shortage in Mexico due to the enforcement of updated regulations concerning size and weight restrictions of trailers, hours of operation limits for drivers and changes to the registration process of trucks.
Trucking capacity shortage in Mexico

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation is conducting a regulatory and operational inspection of the vehicles of the federal motor transport service. The revision of the regulation focuses on the full transport configurations particularly regarding the express authorization to drive on the roads and bridges of federal jurisdiction.

When registering a truck, a decal is being placed on the truck for identification purposes. These decals are not sufficient anymore and there is a delay to distribute the new decals throughout Mexico, making it hard for companies to register their trucks. In order to avoid this, several suppliers and drivers choose not to operate regularly during the inspection period and current figures show that a significant fall in the total capacity available in the market will continue, recovering only at the end of the year.

Under the updated regulation, the capacity of each truck is reduced because of size restrictions. This affects a large number of transport companies and existing trailers which do not meet the specified requirements.

All double-trailers now have to obtain special permit by the authority to ensure their sizes are qualified. Strict enforcement has been carried out by nationwide large scale inspections. Drivers who operate non-compliant vehicles will have their license revoked. Trucks pending for permit are not allowed to operate anymore; inspections on the road also lead to further delays of cargo delivery.

Since these regulations lead to structural changes, the situation is not expected to ease in the short term. Please take this into consideration when planning procurement and distribution within Mexico.

At DACHSER, we do everything possible to mitigate the impact of this situation on your cargo and we continuously look for solutions to deliver your cargo as expeditiously as possible.

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