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DACHSER South Africa’s tailormade approach to ‘picking and packing’

Logistics companies could be seen as the key service-providers within the retail and manufacturing supply chains across the world. As consumer demand increases, innovative products and services are being rapidly developed, and must be just as swiftly released into the market. This means that significantly more is required of logistics companies than a simple pick-up and drop-off. Logistics companies must understand product specifications, be cognizant of supply-and-demand, and pre-empt challenges inherent in storing and moving goods across geographical distances.
DACHSER South Africa’s tailormade approach to ‘picking and packing’

DACHSER South Africa understands that logistics companies must be able to provide a flexible offering that is in tune with the many complex demands of the contemporary client. Managing director, Detlev Duve, says, “We have a diversity of specialist clients, from the suppliers of frontline healthcare equipment, to the providers and installers of elevators and escalators. While logistics management, which includes customs forwarding, transportation and warehousing of products, is not a core function for our clients, it is vital to their overall business.”

As such, DACHSER South Africa prides itself on gaining a thorough understanding of what is essential to their clients’ service offering and providing a best-fit solution. “Tailor-made service means adapting our operations to meet a client’s requirements. This could include having a dedicated product expert onsite at our warehouse facilities, who will advise on the correct packing and storage of cargo. It might even be a staff member that has been directly sub-contracted from the client,” says Duve. “Our warehousing extends beyond simply providing a client with floor space. We are able to ‘pick and pack’ at the client’s request. A thorough understanding of the product coupled with stringent quality control is paramount to us.”

The storing and picking of products is a surprisingly complex task. For example, medical equipment must be continually calibrated while in storage. For delivery, this equipment should be packaged under specific conditions to enable stable transit to both urban centres and rural areas. Nationwide chainstores that provide items such as clothing and tableware also have their own specific requirements related to detailed categorisation, separation and packaging. This must be done in accordance with the unique requirements of stores across the country.

DACHSER South Africa combines an innovative real-time technical system with highly trained on-the-ground staff to ensure minimal product mis-picking or damage. “Incorrect storage or packing would create a number of problems - for both our clients and ourselves. Our warehousing system is comprehensive and pre-emptive to give clients peace of mind.”

DACHSER South Africa acknowledges that they play an integral role within their clients’ supply chains. Duve says, “We understand that our clients entrust us with what is fundamentally their revenue generator. As a logistics company, our business is to understand this trust and to grow it into a successful logistics partnership.”

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