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Dachser South Africa contributes to skills development in logistics

The South African logistics industry is experiencing a severe shortage of skills to effectively respond to the demands of global logistics. Areas that are critical and short of skills need to be identified and mechanisms need to be devised to develop the necessary skills base to respond to the challenges, according to Detlev Duve, Managing Director of Dachser South Africa.
Dachser South Africa contributes to skills development in logistics

As a local operation of the global logistics leader, Dachser South Africa has responded to the skills shortage through a comprehensive skills development programme. “We initiated the Dachser Learnership Programme in September 2012. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff compliment that can assist in educating candidates,” says Duve.

In addition to specific specialist training in the freight and transport industry, the 12 month programme offers computer literacy, telephone and business etiquette skills. “Our skills programme covers road, sea and air transport as well as customs,” says Duve. “By offering comprehensive experiential training, we can start to close the skills gap and create employable candidates.”

Duve explains that skills within the logistics sector are rapidly diversifying and all employees need to pursue broader areas of learning to remain competitive. “Companies need to train their employees consistently. A solid base of logistics management skills, including the tactical and strategic aspects, is critical for a company to exist within the competitive logistics environment.”

Candidates for the skills programme are sourced through a TETA registered facilitator, such as the SA Maritime. All candidates must have a minimum secondary qualification equal to grade 12. “We have recruited three learners in Cape Town, two in Durban and five in Johannesburg for training. We hope they will eventually fill positions in the company. In this way, we are looking at development from grass-root level,” says Duve.

“This is our first skills development programme and will help us assess what we need to change or improve for the next programme,” says Duve. We are proud to say the programme is going very well. We have a close relationship with our candidates and they are succeeding in learning all the necessary skills.” Dachser will offer post-programme mentorship should the candidates require it, as well as detailed references for all candidates if they elect to proceed with careers in other companies.

The continuous training and education philosophy extends throughout the organization and Dachser has a training committee that identifies development needs. “In each department we find that there are evolving market challenges, changes in the environment and in regulations that affect our work. Our training committee ensures that our teams get the training they need to keep ahead of these changes and offer the best service to our clients,” says Duve.

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