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Growing logistics provider DACHSER has more employees than at any other point in its history: some 30.603 people around the world are employed by the family-owned company based in Kempten, Germany. DACHSER South Africa is home to 240 of these employees working across four branches, involved at any given time in connecting the flow of commodities, information, and transport companies with each other.
The transport and logistics industry is typically described as a ‘non-traditional’ employment pathway for women. But this male-dominated sector is changing as logistics evolves into a complex, multi-disciplinary operation. At DACHSER SA, four women discuss their contribution to logistics.
In logistics, new technologies are creating opportunities for DACHSER clients in logistics and supply chain management. In our industry, information, communication and automation technologies have substantially increased the speed of identification, data gathering, processing, analysis and transmission, with high level of accuracy and reliability. It now plays a major role in the success of supply chain management by enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics system.
Competitive logistics providers know that it is all about speed, agility, reliability and even versatility. Delivering all of this requires intelligent logistics – a growing concept the world over. But this not only refers to leveraging digital technology. According to Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, people still remain at the core of logistics.
Throughout the logistics industry, economic pressures, the increasing importance of emerging markets as both manufacturing locations and end markets, as well as the growth of e-commerce, are fundamentally changing the shape and character of logistics networks. As a result, logistics service providers, and the retailers and manufacturers they support, must reassess not only how to best design their logistics warehousing facilities to meet requirements, but also where to position network locations to meet demand and commercial imperatives.
Logistics and freight company DACHSER South Africa may not quite be moving mountains, but they are transporting items that are just as challenging, in the form of mega-machinery and highly specialised equipment. Moving these items across vast distances and multiple jurisdictions on a daily basis requires scrupulous planning, product expertise and forward momentum. Perhaps the two most crucial elements of logistics are intelligent, integrated technical processes on the one hand, and on the other, talented individuals that are detail-oriented, determined and have the stamina to continually drive those logistics processes.
DACHSER will continue to expand its presence in Africa working with reliable partners strategically positioned across the continent, according to CEO Bernhard Simon.
Competitive shippers know that it is all about speed, agility, reliability and even versatility not to mention visibility. Delivering all of this, and then some, is the job of intelligent logistics – a growing concept the world over.
Bernhard Simon
Addressing the volatility of the logistics market is probably the biggest challenge facing international service providers, according to DACHSER CEO, Bernhard Simon.
Networks can be successfully interconnected at Dachser, thanks to its clear processes and standardized systems.
Logistics provider DACHSER South Africa (SA) has, over the past three years seen a 50% increase in growth driven by the South African mining industry, as well as by growth in the South American mining industry, says DACHSER SA MD Detlev Duve.
Despite low commodity prices, mining remains an important sector for global logistics service provider DACHSER. According to Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, the company has been involved in several large scale projects across the continent delivering unique solutions.
Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, outlines the top logistics trends impacting the industry in 2016.
As technology continues to advance at a startling rate, logistics is perhaps one of the industries that must adapt the most quickly. If this seems surprising, consider that all the world’s most innovative products and services at some point require storage and transportation over great distances, within short time periods.
Insight gained from years of experience on the African continent has enabled DACHSER South Africa to develop and provide comprehensive logistics solutions that meet the challenges inherent in operating in this region.
In recent years the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has embarked on a risk-based approach to managing and enforcing customs compliance, with the aim of being able to spend more time and resources in high-risk areas and on high-risk clients. For this approach to work, SARS has identified trusted SARS clients (importers and exporters) with the required systems and controls in place to ensure a high level of compliance. These trusted SARS clients have been given a preferred trader accreditation.
DACHSER South Africa was recently trusted to deliver a large printing press and finishing equipment from Goldkronach in Germany to a client in the Western Cape under tight time constraints. Due to its large size and weight, the transfer of the printing press had to be carefully planned and managed.
DACHSER South Africa (SA) was approached by a locally-based cinema company to move an entire cinema set-up from South Africa to Zimbabwe. Adding to its diverse portfolio, DACHSER undertook a ground-breaking project to transport the cinema equipment from South Africa to Zimbabwe, resulting in the establishment of a world-class cinema in that country.
From a formidable domestic contender to a major international player: when companies grow beyond their national borders, new thinking, future-oriented positioning, and a clear focus on customers’ needs is required.
DACHSER South Africa supports local partners to supply products for FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
South African Customs has complex processes and with new rules coming into play, it is worth ensuring that your logistics provider has the necessary expertise to ensure a smooth passage.
DACHSER South Africa has launched its second learnership programme for 2013/2014, following the successful completion of its first collabration with the South Africa Martime and Transport College.
These fire trucks are on fire! Austria-based Rosenbauer supplies tailor-made, state of-the-art technology to airports throughout the globe. Sophisticated project logistics are essential for this purpose.
He has served as the new Managing Director for Finance, Legal, and Tax (FLT) at DACHSER since July 1.
Under the motto “Here, there, everywhere” Dachser is presenting its products and services at the transport logistic,  the world’s leading logistics trade fair, in Munich from 4-7 June (Hall B6, Stand 101/202)
Ensuring all eventualities were reduced to a minimum was the main objective of N2telligence GmbH on its first major customer project: a few weeks ago the energy experts from Hamburg delivered a first stationary fuel cell to the Mercedes Benz dealership in their home city. The 16-tonne power package was manufactured in Japan. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics collected it from there and delivered it punctually to the day to the Mercedes construction site on the Friedrich-Ebert-Damm. “Delivery of this first customer system was a big deal for us,” says Andreas Exler, managing director at N2telligence, “we are therefore extremely pleased that in DACHSER we found a professional logistics provider who ensured the whole process went off without a hitch.”
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