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DACHSER South Africa is known for an innovative approach to logistics. A partnership with a project engineering company that provides transformers to the mining sector, once again highlights the company’s commitment to finding streamlined solutions for the most challenging logistics requirements.
On Tuesday evening this week, DACHSER South Africa was named the ‘Freight and Logistics Company of the Year’ at the 9th Transport Africa Awards 2016. The Transport Africa Awards are designed to recognise companies who have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed and have continually set standards of excellence. The awards have become the blue chip mark of success for the African transport and infrastructure sector.
Logistics companies could be seen as the key service-providers within the retail and manufacturing supply chains across the world. As consumer demand increases, innovative products and services are being rapidly developed, and must be just as swiftly released into the market. This means that significantly more is required of logistics companies than a simple pick-up and drop-off. Logistics companies must understand product specifications, be cognizant of supply-and-demand, and pre-empt challenges inherent in storing and moving goods across geographical distances.
E-commerce, the electronic trade of goods and services, is reshaping the world of logistics and forcing logistics providers to step up, says Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa. “E-commerce entrepreneurs require a logistics partner that understands this new dimension of logistics and can provide end-to-end services.”


Logistics and freight company DACHSER South Africa may not quite be moving mountains, but they are transporting items that are just as challenging, in the form of mega-machinery and highly specialised equipment. Moving these items across vast distances and multiple jurisdictions on a daily basis requires scrupulous planning, product expertise and forward momentum. Perhaps the two most crucial elements of logistics are intelligent, integrated technical processes on the one hand, and on the other, talented individuals that are detail-oriented, determined and have the stamina to continually drive those logistics processes.
Addressing the volatility of the logistics market is probably the biggest challenge facing international service providers, according to DACHSER CEO, Bernhard Simon.
Networks can be successfully interconnected at Dachser, thanks to its clear processes and standardized systems.
Despite low commodity prices, mining remains an important sector for global logistics service provider DACHSER. According to Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, the company has been involved in several large scale projects across the continent delivering unique solutions.


We are present in the most important procurement and sales markets of the world. The DACHSER network is the basis for a smooth supply chain of globally operating companies.
The DACHSER warehouses are a core component of our integral supply chain solutions and are utilized above all in the context of our DACHSER contract logistics.
The DACHSER transit terminals are a key success factor for the quality of logistics services.
To provide us with the ability to evaluate our logistics services in detail, DACHSER has installed a comprehensive system for quality assurance and quality management.