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At the 29th Logistics Achiever Awards ceremony held on Thursday evening, 2 November at Montecasino in Fourways, Gauteng, DACHSER SA scooped a Silver category award for leading in skills development.
When a client required fast, cost-effective and tailored assistance in moving raw, high-bulk materials for the automotive industry, DACHSER South Africa provided the optimal solution in the form of air charters. Air charters are fast-becoming a competitive logistics option for just-in-time (JIT) supply chains that need to move goods quickly to destinations around the globe.
To successfully expand into global markets it is critical for companies to have logistics systems and networks that are interconnected. This global linking of supply chains enables the seamless movement of products from origin to destination. DACHSER’s interconnectivity - or interlocking - describes a sophisticated, networked process that enables their customers to tap into new markets around the world.
Due to this continent’s economic reliance on the extraction of natural resources, logistics operators in Africa will often be required to facilitate the movement of large machinery and parts, many times transporting goods from South African ports to remote locations beyond our borders. For DACHSER South Africa this is ‘business as usual’. However, when the company was called upon to provide logistics support for a supply chain facilitating the manufacture of mega machinery between South Africa and China, all their skill, knowledge and systems were put to the test.


The transport and logistics industry is typically described as a ‘non-traditional’ employment pathway for women. But this male-dominated sector is changing as logistics evolves into a complex, multi-disciplinary operation. At DACHSER SA, four women discuss their contribution to logistics.
Competitive logistics providers know that it is all about speed, agility, reliability and even versatility. Delivering all of this requires intelligent logistics – a growing concept the world over. But this not only refers to leveraging digital technology. According to Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, people still remain at the core of logistics.
Throughout the logistics industry, economic pressures, the increasing importance of emerging markets as both manufacturing locations and end markets, as well as the growth of e-commerce, are fundamentally changing the shape and character of logistics networks. As a result, logistics service providers, and the retailers and manufacturers they support, must reassess not only how to best design their logistics warehousing facilities to meet requirements, but also where to position network locations to meet demand and commercial imperatives.
In logistics, new technologies are creating opportunities for DACHSER clients in logistics and supply chain management. In our industry, information, communication and automation technologies have substantially increased the speed of identification, data gathering, processing, analysis and transmission, with high level of accuracy and reliability. It now plays a major role in the success of supply chain management by enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics system.


We are present in the most important procurement and sales markets of the world. The DACHSER network is the basis for a smooth supply chain of globally operating companies.
The DACHSER warehouses are a core component of our integral supply chain solutions and are utilized above all in the context of our DACHSER contract logistics.
The DACHSER transit terminals are a key success factor for the quality of logistics services.
To provide us with the ability to evaluate our logistics services in detail, DACHSER has installed a comprehensive system for quality assurance and quality management.