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News 12/04/2020
“For us it is a beginning, not a farewell”

On 1 January, DACHSER CEO Bernhard Simon and Michael Schilling, COO Road Logistics, will join the Supervisory Board of the family company. They are leaving the new board team around Burkhard Eling a highly stable and crisis resilient company behind. Bernhard Simon on the changes at the top management level of DACHSER.

News 12/03/2020
DACHSER strengthens its position in the German logistics market

DACHSER has defended its leading position in the German logistics market in the newly published “TOP 100 in Logistics 2020/2021” study. In certain market segments such as consumer goods contract logistics or air and sea freight, the logistics provider can improve.

News 12/03/2020
Digital aids

Digitalization is advancing in many areas, one of which is logistics. No-code platforms and other digital solutions can help optimize processes in everyday work. The former are online modular systems that provide predefined elements to simplify and expedite the creation of digital applications. Even without in-depth IT knowledge, employees can digitalize analogue processes on their own without spending time programming. These and other digital aids are in use in the DACHSER network as well.

News 12/03/2020
Network agility

The following applies to complex logistics networks: The more closely the individual hubs are connected, the more robust the networks are and the greater the flexibility they can offer customers in all sectors—even in times of crisis. Certain hubs take on additional, highly functional consolidation tasks—at DACHSER these are known as Eurohubs.

News 12/03/2020
Everything in hand

A new handheld device featuring an app developed in-house by DACHSER provides the company’s drivers with a comprehensive assistance system that guides them intuitively and reliably through all the logistics processes for short-distance transports.

News 11/26/2020
DACHSER to supply Prague via pedelec

DACHSER is launching a pilot project in the Czech Republic to supply the Prague city center with an electrically supported cargo bike. The newly built micro-hub "Depot.Bike" at the Florenc subway station is being used for this purpose.

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Our Brexit project team has set the course for a functioning and secure logistics network to and from the UK.

Many companies that depend on the smooth transport of their products now have to do their Brexit homework to keep their goods traffic moving: Find now all the important information on how to prepare for Brexit by clicking on the link below.

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