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News 12/11/2019
The new DACHSER magazine is here!

Renowned as they are for innovation and quality paired with tradition and craftsmanship, many products from Switzerland enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Among them Ricola cough drops, a classic sweet whose special recipe contains 13 herbs from the Swiss mountains.

Press Release 12/05/2019
Ralf Meistes receives 2019 DIY Lifetime Award

The 14th DIY Lifetime Award goes to a logistics specialist for the first time: Ralf Meistes, Department Head DACHSER DIY-Logistics, accepted the award for outstanding contributions to the DIY industry on 4th December 2019 at the BHB DIY market congress.

Press Release 11/28/2019
DACHSER and terre des hommes step up their collaboration

DACHSER and the international children’s aid organization terre des hommes are expanding their long-standing partnership and commitment to social responsibility in the regions of South Asia, Southern Africa, and Latin America.

News 11/12/2019
"Without the corresponding culture, no real compliance is possible"

Numerous contemporary studies and research findings confirm that the best protection against white-collar crime and corporate malfeasance is a compliance approach based on values – such as responsibility, integrity, trust, and honesty – just like the one that DACHSER has been pursuing already for ten years.


DACHSER Corporate

News 01/24/2020
DACHSER Brazil opens new office in Curitiba

Since launching in Brazil ten years ago, global logistics provider DACHSER has built up a strong presence in the Brazilian market. To keep pace with this growth, the company has now expanded the size of its office in the major city of Curitiba by almost half.

News 01/21/2020
SQAS assessment for DACHSER in Spain

Following in the footsteps of the locations in Barcelona North and Valencia, the DACHSER Spain branch in San Sebastian has now also been evaluated according to the SQAS safety and quality assessment system. In passing the assessment, DACHSER has fulfilled the strict requirements expected of logistics service providers in the dangerous goods sector with regard to process excellence, quality, sustainability, health, and safety.

Market Information 01/20/2020
National Strike in France - Effects

French ports already impacted by days of strike are getting congested. Alternative options like Antwerp, Genoa or Barcelona are getting congested as well, therefore delays on bookings and pick up/delivery with those ports are expected.

Here is an overview of the duration of the strike activity in the French ports:

  • Dunkerque: dockers/stevedores 23/01 & 24/01; tugboats 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am
  • Le Havre: dockers/stevedores 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am; tugboats 24/01 to 25/01 until 8 am
  • Montoir: dockers/stevedores 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am; tugboats 21/01 to 24/01 until 9 am
  • FOS: dockers/stevedores 22/01 to 25/01 until 6 am; tugboats 20/01 to 23/01 until 9 am

Pick-up and delivery by rail should be also very difficult. Airfreight is not concerned so far, but we will keep you informed about that.

Get assured that our operational teams will do their utmost to minimize the effects of the strike.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your responsible contact person in the respective DACHSER branch.

Press Release 01/20/2020
DACHSER expands its logistics center in Hof

Construction is expected to be completed by fall 2020. The expansion also includes offices and communal areas covering a total area of 900 square meters. “Our new multi-user warehouse next to the existing logistics center will offer space for us to provide contract logistics services for a medium-sized customer from the DIY and gardening sector for example,” says Klaus Neubing, General Manager of the Hof logistics center, about the expansion of business at the location. The contract logistics services that DACHSER offers in Hof combine transport solutions and warehousing with comprehensive value-added services such as picking and packaging. Following the expansion, DACHSER will employ some 500 people in the town. In addition, around 300 people work regularly for DACHSER through the independent transport companies or, for example, as seasonal workers.

News 01/16/2020
DACHSER invests in the Netherlands

The groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the DACHSER Logistics Center Rotterdam in Waddinxveen, South Holland, was held in mid-December. Thanks to the construction of a new warehouse, DACHSER can offer its customers even more storage capacity.

News 12/19/2019
A Broader Horizon

As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil sets the pace for the whole region. DACHSER has maintained its own country organization here for ten years now, building bridges to markets around the world.

News 12/17/2019
The one who looks after everything

It was coincidence that Mihriban Stehle ended up at DACHSER; but after her part-time job, the educational science and sociology graduate made a career for herself at the family-owned company. She now works as a fleet manager in food logistics at the Kornwestheim branch.

News 12/16/2019
Around the world in 13 herbs

Logistics for the soul. Or better said for the throat, at least where soothing Swiss mountain herbs and delectable secret recipes are at play. With the help of DACHSER, Swiss herb candy manufacturer Ricola is finding its feet in the global markets.

News 12/16/2019
“Thinking outside the box – creating common added value”

Interview with Samuel Haller, Country Manager for the Air & Sea Logistics business field at DACHSER Switzerland, on the field of logistics and how it can benefit balanced partnerships.

Market Information 12/13/2019
The UK election 2019 - Update

The UK general election on December 12, 2019 gave a clear result in favor of the Torries. As a result, it can now be assumed that the UK will leave the European Union on January 31, 2020 on the basis of the withdrawal agreement that was negotiated on October 17, 2019.

This withdrawal agreement includes a transition period until December 31, 2020. During this period, a comprehensive trade agreement between the UK and the European Union is to be agreed. Until the expiry of this period, no material effects of the withdrawal are to be felt. Thus, according to the current status, only marginal restrictions regarding deliveries to and from the UK can be expected during the transition period.

In case of any questions, please contact your contact person of DACHSER.

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Market Information 09/27/2019
Brexit checklist - what should you watch out for?

What should DACHSER customers pay attention to in the case of a hard Brexit?

Delays when it comes to border crossing would be a major challenge in the case of a hard Brexit - the other would be the new bureaucratic burden of goods traffic with Great Britain. First and foremost, longer waiting times through border controls and customs clearance of all goods should be expected under WTO rules. For companies that send shipments to and from the UK, we have summarized them in our Brexit checklist that can be downloaded below:

News 04/12/2019
DACHSER named one of Germany’s most successful logistics brands

LOGISTIK HEUTE and BVL have awarded DACHSER second place in the “Road transport services” category.

Press Release 04/26/2019
New Managing Director for DACHSER European Logistics Iberia

Celestino Silva will take over as Managing Director of DACHSER’s European Logistics (EL) Iberia business unit. He succeeds Juan Quintana, who has opted to leave the company to pursue new professional opportunities.

News 02/20/2017
Strictly according to schedule

Components for car heaters are shipped by sea from Hamburg to Langfang in China. The supply chain must hold firm to ensure that riding in the car won’t be uncomfortable—something that Gentherm and DACHSER take a dim view of.

News 04/03/2019
Brexit: Do we have a decision?

The original exit date at the end of March may have been postponed, but there is still the possibility that the UK will leave the European Union without an exit deal. “Keep calm and be prepared” is the motto that companies should follow when it comes to logistics and the current Brexit situation.

News 04/03/2019
DACHSER expands branch in Czech Republic

DACHSER Czech Republic has signed a contract for a new warehouse and administration building for its branch in Ostrava. The overall surface area is 3.900 square metres. Twenty new jobs will be offered in the extended branch. DACHSER plans to move to the new premises in the middle of the summer holidays.

Press Release 05/21/2019
DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics launches operations in Sweden

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics enters the Swedish market and now has an office for air and sea freight in Gothenburg.

Press Release 04/02/2019
DACHSER pursues sustainable growth

DACHSER posted substantial growth once again in 2018. The logistics provider increased its consolidated net revenue by 5.5 percent to EUR 5.57 billion. As they did last year, shipment numbers increased, rising by 2.5 percent to 83.7 million; tonnage rose 3.0 percent to 41.3 million metric tons. With 30,609 employees in total, up 1,511 from the preceding year, DACHSER’s workforce reached a record high.

Press Release 06/04/2019
Johnston Logistics to become DACHSER Ireland

Two years ago, DACHSER acquired a majority share in Irish logistics company Johnston Logistics Ltd. The process of fully integrating it into the DACHSER network is now nearing completion with the rebranding and associated name change to DACHSER Ireland Ltd. DACHSER made the official announcement today at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich.

News 02/21/2019
DACHSER is creating capacity in Poland

DACHSER has increased its capacity in Poland and expanded its branches in Stryków and Poznan.