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New toll rates in Austria as of January, 1st 2017

The Austrian government increased the toll charge by law starting on January, 1st 2017. We will integrate the change into our DACHSER toll tariffs that will be valid as of January, 1st 2017.
New toll rates in Austria

The Austrian toll will be set on a new basis as of 2017. The basic kilometer rate will include two instead of four tariff groups. Each truck will be charged with this basic rate which corresponds approximately to the average of 2015 depending on the number of axles.

In addition, there are charges for noise and air pollution. For the noise pollution, a distinction is made between day and night driving. The surcharge due to traffic-related air pollution will consist of four tariff groups, whereby the tariff of the Euro 6 trucks will be charged only as from January, 1st 2018.

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