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Play it safe

As the latest case of the WannaCry ransomware shows, businesses should make the protection of sensitive customer data a top priority. That is why DACHSER regularly invests in safeguarding its high IT standards.

DACHSER has had its central IT services and software development certified according to ISO 27001 since 2012. Furthermore, DACHSER has follow-up audits of its corporate IT conducted on an annual basis. Our primary rationale for doing this: our customers. They not only transmit their data to us, they also trust us to handle their sensible business information in a responsible way. As a logistics provider that operates internationally, we must fulfill information security requirements worldwide.

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard for information security management, ensuring that everyone is speaking the same language. The ISO certificate makes it clear: Data are in safe hands at DACHSER.

This has also become evident in the wake of the WannaCry discussion. The availability, confidentiality and integrity of DACHSER data were at no time compromised. No WannaCry infections were discovered anywhere within the entire network. The incident is still being intensely monitored and analyzed at DACHSER, and appropriate countermeasures are being taken.

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