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G20 Summit in Hamburg

As you can read in numerous media reports, Hamburg is hosting the G20 Summit on July 7 and 8, 2017. Therefore an impact on the operational processes in the transportation is possible.
G20 Summit in Hamburg

In conjunction with this event, the authorities are setting up so-called security zones in various urban areas of Hamburg, which will have an impact on the operational processes of the Port of Hamburg and its connecting areas, the Hamburg Airport, and road traffic. In addition to the establishment of fixed exclusion zones around the exhibition halls and the Elbe Philharmonic, there will also be temporary closures of individual primary traffic arteries. In addition, the Hamburg Police are reporting that various assemblies and marches have been registered in the affected areas and that spontaneous, unannounced demonstrations and disturbances could also be expected.

As a result, there may be serious impairments in the handling of collection and delivery during and after the event.

We therefore ask our customers to contact their DACHSER contact person, in particular with regard to time-critical shipments, to discuss what is to be done and to plan reasonable routing of the goods.

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