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DACHSER helps to check status of Hanjin containers

According to trade media reports, South Korea's largest shipping company, Hanjin Shipping Co., threatens to slip into insolvency due circumstances of overcapacity and falling freight rates on the world's oceans.
Many Hanjin container ships were put on hold at sea.

Since the company filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, 31 August, the situation concerning the handling of Hanjin containers remains largely unclear. The affected containers not only include those booked directly with Hanjin, but those booked with other shipping companies that were, however, shipped on Hanjin ships or ships operated by Hanjin. This is due to Hanjin belonging to the CKYHE Alliance, which was formed by Cosco, KLine, Yang Ming, Hanjin and Evergreen with the aim of sharing shiphold capacities.

The impacts of the current situation surrounding Hanjin are numerous and varied. We therefore wish to draw your attention to the following influencing factors:

It remains unclear whether Hanjin vessels currently at sea will be permitted to moor at destination terminals. Significant delays must therefore be reckoned with.

It currently appears that the withdrawal of Hanjin could lead to heavy rate increases within the coming weeks.

All Hanjin ships currently in port worldwide are to be unloaded and their containers delivered subject to immediate payment of terminal costs and the payment of a container return deposit. The amount of this deposit varies from port to port.

Despite the halt on bookings with Hanjin implemented by DACHSER a number of weeks ago, the possibility that DACHSER import and export shipments are affected by these circumstances cannot be ruled out.

We are committed to assisting you in determining the current status of Hanjin containers. To find out about all of the details regarding your shipments, please reach out to your local DACHSER contact person.

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